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Where Is George Jetson When I Need Him? January 19, 2013

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Emotions are such annoying things.  You finally think you have them under control and then *wham*, out of the blue, for no apparent reason you go from being ‘fine’ to being well, not so fine.  I do much better being mad than I do being sad.  Being mad means that someone fucked up and it’s their loss.  Being sad means I probably fucked up and it’s my loss.  It’s that whole annoying head vs heart thing.  Life would be so much easier if I could just skate along feeling nothing.  Kinda like Rosie The Robot.  Who, if I remember correctly, was not only emotionless, but had the bonus ability of being able to pull a sandwich out of her stomach.  I’m so jealous …….

So what brought on tonight’s mood swing?  Who the hell knows.  Here are some options though:

1) Maybe it’s a full moon tonight?

2) Maybe because it’s cold here tonight and I’m sitting by a space heater with my dogs instead of instead of a fire-place curled up with an actual human being (of the male persuasion, thank you)

3) Maybe it’s because TD’s son’s 16th birthday is next weekend and I know I’m going to miss it

4) Maybe it’s because, despite everything, I miss TD (the old, sweet version; not the new dick-headed one)

5) Maybe it’s because, as job #2 makes us do every year, I had to pre-pick my vacation weeks for the entire year and realized that I have absolutely nothing planned

6) Maybe it’s because I was dumb enough to accept a date from someone I’m not all that interested in for tomorrow night and he chose to go to dinner

7) Maybe it’s because I actually stepped on the scale this morning and didn’t like what I saw

8) Maybe it’s because I’m just a mess and can’t quite figure out what to do about that

9) Maybe the thought of yet another year spent alone doesn’t really appeal to me

10) Maybe it’s because I’m just tired.  Of everything.

Or maybe I’m just a moody bitch and everything will be better in the morning.


2 Responses to “Where Is George Jetson When I Need Him?”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Does Rosie the Robot have a sister?
    I have those same emotional dilemas. Same questions? (Except the TD part.) Let me know what the answer is when you find it.
    Jeannie 🙂

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