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Probably Not A Good Sign…….. January 20, 2013

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When you have to pause to look at your past text messages before walking into the restaurant in order to remember what the name of your date is, huh?  Meh, at least I was looking forward to trying the restaurant.  🙂 Poor guy.  He didn’t even get the benefit of my new and apparently short-lived ‘dress like a girly girl’ mindset.  He got jeans, boots and an edgy-ish sweater.  There was cleavage involved, so he should have been happy.  Too bad when I wasn’t busy looking up his name, I also wasn’t looking up how tall he was as I opted to wear my boots with 3″ heels.  For those of you mathematically challenged, that made me 6’1″ tonight.  And he wasn’t.

I contemplated cancelling today.  My funk from yesterday seemed to have continued into today and after having to work this morning, I opted to spend the majority of the rest of the day in bed.  Feeling sorry for myself.  And crying on occasion.  I lied yesterday.  I know what caused my funk.  I went to TD’s son’s basketball game yesterday.  It was his first of the season and I had not missed a game in over a year and he really wanted me there.  And I really wanted to be there.  Of course TD was there.  And I knew he would be.  What I didn’t know is that he would sit by me.  And although I tried to not have things be awkward, there was just no way around it.  Small talk about the weather and work isn’t my idea of a good time.  Nor is watching him text TCDW the entire game.  He’s just not the man who I remember.  I am certain if I had met this version of him, we never would have become friends.  I know his ‘sweet side’ is still in there, but it’s apparently reserved for closet dwelling lunch ladies.  I shouldn’t have gone.  I knew I shouldn’t have and I went anyway.  Why?  I don’t know.  I decided on my way home that I just need to give up trying to maintain any sort of relationship with his kids (yes, I know, that’s what you all have been yelling at telling me for months now).  It’s just too hard.  No more seeing TD’s son at work.  No more basketball games.  No more anything.  I will send his son a birthday card and gift for his 16th birthday coming up on Sunday, but I guess that will be the end of everything.  What a waste of a year and a half. 😦

So back to the bad date at hand.  He picked a cool little restaurant that I had wanted to try, so at the very least, I would enjoy the food.  Which I did.  And the conversation.  Just not the fact that he was indeed shorter than I would have been barefoot, or that I wasn’t attracted to him in the least.  While he wasn’t ugly, he just wasn’t my type.  And was boring as hell.  And is apparently possibly pickier than I am when it comes to dates.  So I guess another one bites the dust.  He did compliment (?) me on being a cheap date.  Hell, the least I can do when I’m ‘not feeling it’ is to keep my dinner bill to a bare minimum.  And yes, I offered to split the check, which he declined.  There was another 1st date going on at the table next to ours.  And they seemed to be hitting it off great!  Apparently it’s much easier for same-sex couples with spikey hair and matching glasses to find love online.  No, I will not be delving into that option, thank you ……

2 little additional details to note:  TD’s son texted me when I was on my way to dinner to ask a question :-(.  My stellar (not so much) coffee date from last Sunday (you know , the one who said his favorite restaurant in town is Chipotle), texted me last night.  With a ‘what’s up’.  Smooth talking devil…….. With a follow up text like that (6 days after the fact), how could I refuse meeting up with him again?  Oh wait, I did …… ’cause I didn’t bother to respond. 🙂

Oh, and about that conversation about the weather with TD.  He also managed to slip in that ‘he worries about me every single day’ and that he ‘feels like he abandoned me’.  Uhm …….. ya’ think?


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