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Final Tally January 22, 2013

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So my E-Harmony membership ‘officially’ ends on Sunday.  Unofficially, it ended last night when I removed all of my photos from my profile.  Since E-Harmony seems to be the Plenty-Of-Fish of pay dating sites, you can’t actually delete your profile as far as I could tell, so I figured removing all my pictures is just as good ’cause who the hell would be interested in a faceless tall snarky blonde?  No one any better than was interested in a tall snarky blonde with  a picture, so no loss.  I think I met a total of 4 guys from E-Harmony over my eternal seeming 3 months.  Since I got a smokin’ deal on my membership (thank you google), I do believe I was able to recoup that cost in drinks and dinner.  Maybe.

When I went to cancel, they of course offered me another stellar membership discount which I gleefully declined.  E-Harmony just isn’t for me.  Sure, the guys on there may be more ‘serious’ about finding a relationship, but if I’m not attracted to any of them and they turn out to be just as flakey/annoying as all the others, then why bother?

So as of last night, I have no profiles up.  Anywhere.  Aside from Facebook and I haven’t had anyone try to pick me up off of there since that big douchebag in Florida who flew me out 3 years ago only as a way to get a mutual friend of ours to come visit so he could hook up with her.  Awesome.

No profiles up means no dates.  Hmmmm.  As I started another uber strict diet today that also means no happy hours for 3 weeks.  Crap.  What the heck am I supposed to do with myself to stay busy?  Well, I have movie dates set up with 2 girlfriends in the next couple of weeks as well as agreeing to go to a different sort of Match.com mixer.  This one is a dance class.  Uhm …….. Not that I’m all that big on dancing (especially with strangers……..or sober), but hopefully it will be okay.  Since I’ll be with a friend, at the very least, we’ll get to laugh at people have fun!  Until they ‘turn the lights down after the group instruction and allow us all to dance the night away’.  Whoopsie!  All I can picture is one of those awkward high school dances with the girls against one wall and the guys against another.  It’s a younger age group (since they have deemed my advanced age of 45 the cutoff for ‘the young crowd’), so hopefully no one will break a hip.

Now if only I could figure out where I put my right foot.  I can only find the 2 left ones that enable me trip over absolutely nothing at all times! 😉


4 Responses to “Final Tally”

  1. Jacs Says:

    So how do you find the mixers? The socials? Im debating it, but Im terrified…..gimme the deets….if not on here, email me!

    • Hi Jacs! Well, the first step is that you have to *gasp* join Match (google membership discounts to get codes) and then once you have your profile up they will either e-mail you with upcoming events or just list them across the top of your profile page. Nothing to be terrified of! It’s just going out to meet new people and every single person there does the online dating thing so everyone’s in the same boat. Now, the crowds are not always impressive (or attractive), but you have to stay optimistic and keep trying! Have you ever done online dating before?

      • Jacs Says:

        Oh I have been doing online dating for almost 8 years *gasp* and clearly either not doing it right, or just have to get out of Canada and date in the US. LOL

        I just find the pickings are slim at those mixers/socials etc…

        • Pickings are absolutely slim at those events, but I’d much rather try to meet someone ‘old school’ face to face than online. I just think it saves time and there’s no ‘illusion’ or chance to misrepresent yourself.

          Haha, maybe we should switch cities for a while so that we can both get new prospects!! 🙂

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