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Bueller??? January 25, 2013

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Huh, apparently when an internet dating blogger cancels (or at least hides) her online dating profiles and finally opts to stop whining about a certain dick-headed someone, she don’t have much to say.  Or type, as the case may be.  I could tell you how my diet is going, how my hair is frizzy since it’s raining or how I totally brown-nosed the corporate guys that were in town for job #2 yesterday, but I’m fairly certain that no one gives a shit about that stuff.  Not even me.

Aside from all my fun ‘girl dates’ that I have lined up for next month, I have nothing (NOTHING) on the horizon.  I’m looking at my 3rd weekend with no fun plans.  That’s right people.  Not a damn thing to do on Friday or Saturday night except sit around with my dogs and work on my taxes.  I can’t even go to a happy hour (or get drunk, alone, at home in the dark while curled into the fetal position) thanks to aforementioned diet.  Try to contain your jealousy.

TD’s son’s 16th birthday is on Sunday and although someone smart would have just mailed his gift, it’s now Friday and I haven’t ……. so I can’t.  So I’m going to take it to him.  On Sunday.  When he’s supposed to be at his mom’s house.  But will actually be at TD’s.  Yey.  I may just drop it on the front doorstep and run like hell (’cause I’m very mature like that).  After this though, it’s over.  No more reasons/excuses/delusions to see any of them.  At this point I miss his kids more than I do him (or at least this new and non-improved version), but it’s all for the best.

In other awkward news, I have received a ‘words with friends’ request.  From someone who knows I can’t turn that shit down.  GG loves me some scrabble!  It wouldn’t be awkward at all to accept and actually play with someone that I am currently (and hopefully permanently) pissed at and not talking to would it?  Meh, at least I can ALWAYS kick his ass. 🙂



8 Responses to “Bueller???”

  1. Jacs Says:

    Usually it’s me In on a Friday. Tonight I have a random spur of the moment date. Kinda pumped! On another note. Words with friends. J-Dexx. Do It up. Always looking for a new opponent!

  2. SillyG Says:

    Just made me feel a little bit better to read this as I sit here on my stupid couch on a Friday night. Yep, I am pathetic too. BUT I did just indulge and break my diet… like really what harm will one gin martini do.

  3. tripletall180mochagirl Says:

    OMG I swear TD must be related to my “dumdum”. He sent me a words with friends request too. They just can’t stand it that we won’t give them our attention.

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