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Gift Drop Completed January 27, 2013

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So today was TD’s son’s 16th birthday.  And I was very sad to know that I would not be a part of any of the celebration.  His son and I have grown very close.  He’s got the biggest heart and most empathetic nature of any 15 year old (now 16).  He is thoughtful and caring and sensitive.  Just like his dad used to be.  Anyway, he’s always looked to me for advice.  On school, on girls, on stuff.  And guess who absolutely hates that?  Come to find out, it’s his mom.  She thinks I have no place in any of their lives and has apparently always thought this way.  She’s just chosen now to actually verbalize it.  If she was coming from the angle of me not being ‘good’ for the kids or that they were her main concern, I would absolutely understand.  It’s not.  She is and has always been a horrible mother.  One of those selfish, self-absorbed, me before you kinda women.  Just like MY mom.  I had no idea that she didn’t like me.  That she hates when the kids talk about me and that apparently, she badmouths me.  Awesome.  No, the kids didn’t tell me, TD did.

Keep in mind that this is the woman who I invited out to dinner with TD, the kids and I last Valentine’s Day because her boyfriend was out-of-town and I didn’t want her to have to be alone.  Now, if that doesn’t sort of display my mindset and my ‘you before me’ nature, I don’t know what does.  I was shocked and dismayed to hear of her dislike for me.  While we’ve never been the best of friends, we’ve always ‘gotten along’ and really she has no reason to dislike me.  Aside from the fact that her children love me and she’s jealous of that fact.  Oh, and that she wants TD back.  As does her sister, who apparently now wants her crack at him.  And also chimed in with a ‘Why is she even still in your life?’ regarding me which is, correct me if I’m wrong, a hugely shitty thing to say from someone who lives out-of-state and whose life I don’t affect in one singular way.  Fucking Wisconsins.  😡 (sorry to any of you from Wisconsin …… go Packers!  Uhm, next year).  Not that any of this matters at this point, but it was just sort of shocking to hear.  I guess they find the horse faced/closet dwelling/lunch lady/crossing guard much less of a threat.  Whatever.

Anyway, that little tangent wasn’t the purpose of this post.  The gift drop off was.  I had contemplated doing the ‘drop and run’ at TD’s house with the gift.  Then I decided that I would just suck up seeing TD in order to be able to see his son and daughter.  As this is really the last ‘significant’ event going on with them until his daughter’s high school graduation, I assumed (and decided) that this would be the last time that I would see them.  😦  I texted TD yesterday to see what time I could drop by the house and received an invitation to go to Dave & Busters with TD’s daughter, TD’s son, TD’s son’s girlfriend ……. oh yeah, and TD (thank god it didn’t include HIS girlfriend).  As I knew this would be the last opportunity I would have to spend any time with the kids, I didn’t want to say no.  So I didn’t.  And it was fine.  I met them all there for an hour.  Didn’t speak to TD, but hung out with the kids.  And loved it.  And as I was leaving, both his son and daughter came up to give me a hug goodbye and to tell me that they missed me.  *sniff* They have NO idea how much I miss them.

TD got a big ole’ head nod and a civil ‘thanks for inviting me’ and that was that.  On the way home though, I got a text from the birthday boy thanking me for the for gift; thanking me for coming; thanking me for being part of their lives and letting me know that he was so happy that I was there today and that even his girlfriend was excited to see me (long story, but was never sure that she liked either TD or I).  Apparently she still doesn’t like TD.  Haha.  I win!  It was nice seeing them.  Aside from the awkward goodbye, it wasn’t even that horrible seeing TD.  He kept his distance.  I kept mine.  He apparently had taken his ‘anti-douche’ pill today.  And I, even more surprisingly, may actually be on my way to being ‘over’ Mr. Shit For Brains.  The big dumbass.


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