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You Have A Response From Kevin ……… January 31, 2013

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Usually reading such a sentence would not annoy me so much.  This one did.  Firstly, Kevin is the name of my horrible ex boyfriend from 14 years ago that still goes out of his way to make my life hell via FB and other random forms of communication.  Kevin was never a bright boy.  He was cute and we had killer chemistry though.  He was one of my first ‘fix-it’ jobs.  And apparently I didn’t do so well as I ended up leaving town without telling him after taking out a restraining order (no, he never hit me, he was just an ass … and apparently cheated on me multiple times, but I digress).  Good times.  Even better times was the fact that my mail from when I lived in that state got forwarded for almost a year, so although Kevin had no clue where I was, his letters always managed to find me.  And they weren’t the nicest.   Although he couldn’t remember to pick up his dirty clothes off the floor, he managed to remember ever single detail of anything that I ever told him was important to me; every insecurity that I let him see; all of my greatest fears and used them all against me to write ridiculously hurtful letters.  Such an ass.  He is the sole reason why I use a PO Box for all of my mail, don’t have my phone number listed and never advertised my company.  Considering it took him close to 10 years to track me down and start harassing me again (because he loves me, of course), I think I did a pretty good job of hiding myself from him.  And kinda let my guard down.  C’mon, it had been 10 years for crying out loud.  I hadn’t kept up with the security measures on my FB page.  I had relaxed a bit in advertising my company and put up a web page.  And then lo and behold a few years ago, there was his face staring at me on FB via a message.  For those (two) of you that have been with me since the beginning of this blog, although it’s meant to be anonymous, I had accidentally dropped a few details into my posts that when strung together with the help of good old Google, led you right to my website.  And phone number.  Luckily I still use my PO Box for ALL mail so unless you’ve personally been to my house, you may actually think I live inside the US Postal Service office in my town.  I don’t, btw.  As recent as last year, I feared that he would actually track me down and show up on my doorstep.  He hasn’t.  I hope he never will.  He still tries to contact me though.  I haven’t responded in more than a year.  You’d think he’d take the hint ……… whatever.

So to see this sentence “You have a response from Kevin” in my e-mail box, you can imagine I wasn’t jumping for joy.  Not that he had anything to respond to, but it wasn’t (and never will be) about him.  Rather it was awesome E-Harmony notifying me that I had a response from some guy named Kevin.  Who I apparently sent questions to.  Who I can’t remember one thing about.  Who took more than 3 weeks to respond.  Not that I actually remember when I may have sent these soul-searching questions (and by soul-searching, I mean totally inane), but since I cancelled my membership last week and hadn’t bothered to log on for more than 2 weeks prior to that (except to delete my photos as apparently there is NO way to delete an entire profile), it had to have been a while.  So here are my main questions regarding ‘Kevin’.  What on earth has kept him so busy that it took him so long to respond?  Why on earth would he respond now that my profile is photo-less?  And finally, why the hell would I want to re-up my membership just to have all my hopes dashed to see that he was one of my ‘cast a wider net’ guys that is actually shorter than I am, lives far away and has a questionable job?  Since I’m not officially a member anymore, I can’t see a single thing concerning his profile.  And I think I’ll keep it that way ……

Oh well Kevin, looks like my luck with that particular name continues on.  Best of luck in your search! 😉


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