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Try To Contain Your Jealousy ….. or Hugely Boring Post To Follow February 9, 2013

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At my jam packed social calendar.  By jam packed of course I mean kinda lame.  The last date I went on (with a guy) was over a month ago and although the food was good, the guy was not.  The last kiss I got to enjoy was back in September (remember vacation fling?).  The last one before that was June.  Aside from my one drunken night in Vegas when I got kissed VF, TD is the last man who I’ve kissed in almost a year and a half.  I love kissing.  I hate that I can’t find one man who I even want to attempt a little lip action with.

Anyway, as I still have my online dating profiles hidden and no set date to un-hide them, I have no idea when I’m going to be able to break this extended dry spell.  I did join an online activity group today.  No, not that kind of activity group people.  They have happy hours and hikes and happy hours and dinners and happy hours and volunteer programs.  Oh, did I mention happy hours?  Hell, if I can’t find a guy I like, I may as well continue my love affair with happy hour, right? 😉 Let’s see if I actually go to any of the events.  Eeek.

I went to happy hour with a girlfriend last night.  I had a brilliant idea to go to a sports bar by my house.  Cute, single, successful men go to sports bars, right?  Right.  Just not this one.  It was jam packed with women who apparently had the same idea that I did.  I’m guessing all the guys were at some girly bar trying to do the same thing.

I have plans to see a movie with another friend tomorrow and then another happy hour on the schedule for Friday with a friend/client of mine that I haven’t seen in ages.  You know, my realtor friend that likes to tell me that I pick unavailable men.  She’s so wrong.  It’s not that they’re unavailable.  It’s just that they’re unavailable to ME!  Fuckers.

Not sure where we’ll go yet.  There are 2 possibilities.  One being a bit more whore-ish than the other (with the added bonus of possibly running into my 50 year old tramp of a sister who hasn’t worn a bra in decades).  Quite the bonus, I know.  I’ve got a whole week to figure it out.  Too bad my friend thinks that I have the 411 on all the new & fun venues in town.  Geesh.  It’s like she doesn’t know me at all.  As it’s 7:45 on a Saturday night and I’m presently sitting on the couch typing away on my laptop while wearing sweats, having not left the house all day, not having bothered to take a shower and am watching re runs of Vanderpump Rules with my dogs, I don’t know why she would argue that point. 🙂

See?  There’s absolutely nothing to be jealous of ……..




5 Responses to “Try To Contain Your Jealousy ….. or Hugely Boring Post To Follow”

  1. dsantos85 Says:

    if you want to break your dry spell, why are your profiles hidden? I don’t know if you’ve written about it before, if you have….sorry! lol

  2. 1smiles Says:

    I hid my profiles too. They just weren’t leading toward quality dates.

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