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Man Magnet February 24, 2013

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Whoopsie, it’s been a while since I posted.  Lots to catch up on.  Since I last wrote, I’ve been to another match.com ‘stir’ event as well as another meetup one.  I’ve just been so busy going out with all of the quality men that I’ve met, that I just haven’t had a chance to write.  Oh wait, that’s not accurate at all.  😉

So, not to pat myself on the back or anything, but my friend (who will forever after be known as Ms. Magnet) and I were quite popular at the match.com ‘stir’ event last week.  Not only did we attract many men, but also many glances from the ones that didn’t talk to us and many more from the other women at the event.  We had set an ‘anti-wallflower goal’ of talking to at least 3 men at the event.  And we had no trouble meeting and exceeding that goal!  Why, you ask?  Well that’s because we’re stunning of course.  Duh.  Oh, and were a good 20 years younger than everyone else there!  So not only did Ms Magnet and I attract the men, but also their oxygen tanks, hair implants, AARP cards and inability to chew solid food.  Good times.  Match has started sending out followup messages after their events to further enable stalking (lovely).  These messages contain the online profiles of everyone that was at the event.  Complete with their ages.  We will no longer be attending match events that I get invited to.  We will, however, still give Ms. Magnet’s age group invites a go.  Because they’re allowed to drive after dark and don’t eat dinner at 4:30.

The meetup event I went to was a small happy hour and I was a total wallflower.  I chickened out on interacting with anyone and didn’t even stay very long.  So strange that on some days I can walk up to anyone and start a conversation and then on others, not so much.

Like last night.  When I got really shy and didn’t talk to anyone that I didn’t know.  Which was basically the host.  I went to a fund-raiser poker tournament that a friend of mine put on.  Texas Hold Em.  No clue how to play.  But I did.  And even won one whole hand.  Out of about 50.  It was a good time nonetheless and I was glad that I was there to support my friend.  Who just so happens to be a mutual friend of TD’s.  Yes, I know, you all thought you were scott free on ever hearing about him again.  Sorry.  None of us are that lucky.  I had gotten a very ‘questionable’ e-valentine’s day card from TD.  Which I proceeded to forward to 2 different friends and we were all like ‘WTF?’.  It was WAY too sappy/sweet/heartfelt for how he’s been treating me and ended with a ‘thank you for being patient with me and for being in my life’.  Uhm……….. I didn’t respond.  I still don’t know what he meant by that.  I then proceeded to get a text from TD last week that he was ‘back on the market’ followed by a phone call explaining what had happened.  Oh, now I get it.  Although I don’t much care what happened with he and the CDLL as it was inevitable (and I’m certain that they’ll get back together), I know very well what he was doing with me.  I’m the ‘void filler’ and I don’t delude myself for a second that he would want to be friends again only to do the same thing to me again.  So I’m steering clear.  Aside from last night, but I didn’t know he’d be there.  It was fine though.  We ended up playing at the same table and even chatted a little.  I’d rather not have enemies running around town bad mouthing me (which I’m sure he’s been doing too).  And as I wasn’t really talking to anyone else, it was nice to have a familiar (although shitty and hurtful) face there.  We played, we drank, we laughed, I helped clean up, we discussed nothing of meaning, made no future plans, and off we both went.  Just like grown ups.

So basically what I’ve been up to is work, work, eating, work, dogs, happy hours, work, poker, dodging text messages and attempting to have some sort of a social life.  Nothing too exciting.


3 Responses to “Man Magnet”

  1. Surrey gal Says:

    And I was going to ask you what has happened with TD, since I was away from WordPress for a while and am way behind with all the gossip! Who is CDLL though? Is it his ex that he came back to, or somebody different?

    • Hi SG! Good to see you back! The condensed version is that TD got a girlfriend. A really jealous & untrusting one that has known about me since last year (both TD’s and my FB pages are covered with pictures of us together) but decided that he wasn’t allowed to have female friends, so he pretty much dumped me as a friend. Which is just as well since he was being a supreme asshole to me anyway (because apparently that’s a much easier way to go than to just be honest with me). 🙂

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