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Why I Like Full Moons February 25, 2013

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No, not of the ‘pull your pants down and hang your butt out of the car window while driving down the freeway’ variety, thank you.  The ones in the sky.  Full moons are notorious for being the cause of strange/unusual/mystical things happening.  Like having what appears to be not one, not two, but three normal(ish) seeming guys contact you on match.

Weird.  After months of futile efforts consisting of winks and messages from some of the most undesirable men in town who think I’m awesome.  After months of sending out messages to men that I could possibly be interested in only to have them ignore me and not respond.  After months of creepy guys with the screen names like ‘candyman’, ‘lvrboy10in’, ‘liv4fun’ and other shudder inducing monikers winking at me, I’ve actually had what appears to be an entire day of decent luck.  I sent out all of 3 messages today.  All short, all boring(ish), all a tad bit flirty (which I NEVER do) and each and every one of them responded.  Within the hour.  I guess miracles never cease.

Since I’ve just thrown out the fact that I’m kinda excited and encouraged by this strange turn of events into the universe, I’m sure they’ll all turn out to be older, shorter, fatter, dumber, flakier or pervier than they’ve led me to believe.  Then again, there’s hope that they’re not! 😉

Oh, and I changed my profile essay again today ………. huh, maybe it’s not the full moon after all.  Wish me luck!!  🙂


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