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Dates, Dates, Dates February 27, 2013

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Okay fine, so it’s really just one date, but I’m being optimistic.  So two of the 4 match.com guys have stepped up and contacted me and asked to meet.  One I’ve texted with many times and spoken with on the phone.  One I’ve just texted with.  Guess which one I am actually meeting?  As my blog has been woefully pathetic for the past year or so, I’ll try to make this as annoying fun as possible.  I’ll fill you in on all that I know and all that has happened with each of the bachelors and you guess which one I’m actually meeting tomorrow.

Bachelor #1 ~ We’ll call him Arkansas

* mainly because that’s where he’s from and I found his accent absolutely adorable.  We texted back and forth for hours yesterday and he was funny and complimentary and actually a bit scary (he asked if he could ‘keep me’ if he liked me).  I said no, but that I was available for lease.  He left me a message yesterday and I loved his accent.  Until I actually tried to have a conversation with him today and couldn’t understand him.  I’m not sure if it’s because he has a crappy cel phone or if it was indeed the accent and my inability to decifer ‘twang’, but I found myself picking out random words that I could actually understand during our 20 minute long conversation.  Which consisted mainly of his complaining about his ex wife (he still counts the time they’ve been apart in months …….. it’s 19, btw) and how he wishes he’d never moved from home out here.  He works crappy hours at a crappy(ish) job.  He originally wanted to know if I could meet him ‘after work’ one night for a drink.  Too bad his ‘after work’ consists of 1am.  Uh, no.  Then we tried to decide on a day for lunch.  Now we’re back to drinks.  And not just ahead of last call.

Bachelor #2 ~ We’ll call him The Golfer

*mainly because he golfs.  When he’s not selling real estate.  We’ve not spoken on the phone but have exchanged some pretty funny texts over the past 2 days.  He also suggested either lunch or drinks.  Duh, guess which I picked?  He’s originally from North Dakota (who knew people actually lived there?) but loves where we live now and says he’ll never leave.  I got him to admit/agree to leaving during the summer months.  He’s got a friend with a condo in Hawaii.  I offered to let him take me there.  Funny, he declined.  He’s a Leo, just like me and our birthdays are only 6 days apart.  Of course I went to my awesome Astrology App. on my phone to read how horrific that pairing could be and guess what?  It’s pretty f*ing bad.  But I take that as a challenge.  Anyway, he seems nice and funny.

So, which do you think I’m meeting?  The short one from Arkansas with the crappy job/hours who lives really far away or the one that lives very close to me, seems smart and funny and has a job that is totally flexible?  Now c’mon people;  any of you two who have been reading me for a while know what smart (and by ‘smart’ I mean horrible) decisions I make when it comes to guys and dating.  Take your best guess and maybe I’ll let you know tomorrow, after my ‘meet and greet’, who it was with, how it went and how every single thing in his dating profile was a fabrication! 😉

Oh, and if no one guesses, I’m not only NOT telling you how my date went, but will be forced to regale you with the phone message that TD left for me telling me all about his newest dating exploits, how he’s back on match & e-harm and how the CDLL wants to meet/talk to him tonight.  You’ve been warned ………….. hee hee.  Huh, I wonder if they’ll be meeting in her closet ………… just a thought……


7 Responses to “Dates, Dates, Dates”

  1. I am registering a vote for someone, who apparently is feeling shy and prefers to remain anonymous…………… they guessed Arkansas 😉

  2. It better be the freaking Golfer….

  3. I hope its Golfer….but if its Arkansas the post about the meet and greet will no doubt be very entertaining!

  4. Citygirl Says:

    Your post sounds like it’s Arkansas, but I am remaining optimistic and going with the Golfer! Either way, can’t wait to read about it!

  5. Jacs Says:

    I vote for golfer. If you don’t; then send him my way!!! Good luck Chiquita!!

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