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Why Isn’t Dating More Like Burger King? March 3, 2013

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You know, where I get to order things ‘my way’.  So that instead of having Arkansas call and text me incessantly, it would be the guy that I’ve actually met and sort of might like.  The Golfer.  Who sent me a very sweet text the night of our 1st meet as well as a nice ‘good morning/have a great day’ text the following day.  And nothing since.  I did break the cardinal bullshit rule of ‘just sitting back and not making any moves’ by texting him this morning to see how his leg was (long story, but he was having a very minor ‘procedure’ done on Friday).  As I felt that was the perfect excuse.  He responded right away letting me know that all was good!  But didn’t ask me any questions or anything that would require a response, so I didn’t.  And that was that.  Huh.

On the other hand, Arkansas texts me about 20 times a day.  Even when I tell him I’m working.  While I highly encourage people I’m interested in to text me lots and lots, I find it highly annoying when someone who I haven’t even met yet and am totally on the fence about does it.  He wanted to have our ‘date’ next Saturday and I just know he envisioned a whole day scenario thing, so I kinda flat out lied fibbed and said that I have to work so suggested lunch on Thursday.  When I know he has to be to work by 2:30, so there is a definite end time.  He has texted me non stop this weekend.  While I was working, while I wasn’t working, while I was out with friends.  I respond to him about 70% of the time.  Finally last night I just stopped responding and when he called me on it this morning I told him my phone had died.  Which I sort of wish it would have.

The other gentleman from last week who said he would contact me ‘in a few days’ when his schedule stopped being crazy has apparently opted out of doing so.  As has the one that I called out for messaging me and then blocking me.  Such idiots.  Why respond saying how sorry you are and that you’ll write back when you have no intention of doing so?  In other news, the older (shorter) gentleman that send me the really sweet rejection wrote me back again stating that ‘maybe’ we could meet for coffee when the semester ends (he’s a teacher).  Of course, I have absolutely no doubt that that will never happen.

Online dating is apparently much easier for middle aged handsome men.  I know this because TD insisted on filling me in last night, after I got home from a great evening out with Ms. Magnet and another new friend.  Just to give you an idea, he broke up with the CDLL last Wednesday.  He had his 1st online date set up on that Friday (yup, a whopping 2 days later) and in the week since he’s been on 5 dates with 5 different women.  And has another date set up tonight.  Oh, and another one for tomorrow.  And he’s kissed each and every one of them!  He made sure to clarify that he’s just trying to keep busy so that he doesn’t miss CDLL so much.  Uh, thanks for sharing.  Best part about all of this?  He sent a wink to Ms. Magnet.  Really?!?!?  Anyway, he still talks, texts and probably sees CDLL who has no idea that he’s online dating again.  I vote 3 weeks before they’re back together again.  Who’s with me?!


8 Responses to “Why Isn’t Dating More Like Burger King?”

  1. So much fun to read, Thank You. Perhaps you would cover the Myth of Chemistry next time.

  2. 1smiles Says:

    Ugh.. it’s exhausting. I closed the two profiles I had on sites. Online dating… Its like banging my head into a brick wall. Gone away from it for awhile with my concussion, lol.

  3. Matthew Says:

    …or three weeks before she locks him in her closet. Yeesh!

  4. Citygirl Says:

    Geez, sounds similar to my experiences. I’m so close from shutting down the remaining sites I’m on. IS there a reality show about this? Maybe we need to pitch it to Lifetime, let the world know how stupidly frustrating this whole process is, lol

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