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Rock. Hard Place. Me. March 4, 2013

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So TD’s son called me yesterday.  He wanted to tell me how his job was going and vent to me about what his boss did to him the other night (I may actually go smack her silly).  I haven’t spoken to or seen him in almost a month.  I loved that he called.  I rewarded him with a promo code for a movie.  🙂 At the end of the call he told me that he missed me and I, of course, told him that I missed them too and would love to see them.  I told him to tell his sister and his girlfriend that I said hello as well.  I walked around with a silly grin on my face for an hour after the call.

Today he sent me a text saying that his girlfriend (who his dad hates) misses me too and would I like to meet them out for dinner one night this week?  How friggin’ sweet is that?  Of course I told him that I’d love to!  I think he just feels sorry for me that I’ve been seemingly banned from their lives, but I thought it was pretty damn awesome for a 16 year old to do that.  I had to call TD to see if it was okay because although I thought it was the sweetest invitation in the world, knowing that his ex wife is jealous of how much the kids love me hates me and knowing how TD would twist the invitation into some sort of whatever that I engineered, I needed to get permission.  To which I didn’t.  TD says that the ex would have a fit and of course that he ‘wonders what C’s motivation is in inviting me’.  Kinda made me sad that he automatically went the route of trying to figure out an ‘angle’ for the invite instead of just taking it at face value. 😦

He said he’d let me know after he spoke with C to find out ‘why’ he extended the invitation.  *sigh*  Why must everything have a hidden ‘motive’? 😦


8 Responses to “Rock. Hard Place. Me.”

  1. Citygirl Says:

    He’s an idiot. He can’t even see that his son has more sense that he does.

    • That he is CG. It’s really quite sad. Just because he feels he made a mistake in letting me be such a big part of his kids’ lives for the past year, doesn’t mean the best way to rectify that situation is to cut me off from them completely 😦

  2. SillyG Says:

    That man is a fool…. but isn’t that just a perfect reminder that you are so much better off without him stealing your attention.

  3. Everything has hidden motive because TD is a twit. Just saying…

  4. TikkTok Says:

    I wouldn’t have called him. He’s not in charge of either your or his son’s relationships- period. You don’t need his permission to live your life. What an ass. And it would be one thing if he had any shred of respect for you, but he doesn’t. What either of y’all do is none of his business- or the ex wife’s. Sheesh.

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