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Rain, Rain Go Away …… And Take All The Creepy Online Guys With You March 9, 2013

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What is it about this week that has brought all the of the dregs of the online dating world to the surface?  Actually, to be more precise, to my inbox?  Minds out of the gutter people, that is NOT a euphemism for anything naughty.  I’m a good girl, remember?  Anyway, these past 4 days have brought about invitations from men demanding that I meet them.  Invitations to come allow them to ‘do’ me.  Invitations to come join in on a multiple user situation (yuck).  Basically a bunch of invitations that make me think that it’s either a full moon or that the universe if playing yet another of its cruel jokes on me.

Yesterday I received a wink.  A wink from a man with a very questionable profile in that he’s some sort of spiritual guru in town.  And was wearing a bola tie in his main picture.  As I had just gotten back from a fun happy hour with a friend (and 167 other new friends), I opted to wink back.  I think it took him all of 4 seconds to send something to the effect of ‘I think you are someone who I should meet for coffee tomorrow so that we can speak intellectually’.  Uhm……….no.  There is absolutely nothing in my profile to give the idea that I am an intellectual in any regard.  Sure, I’m smart and know my shit, but I’d much rather talk about how odd it is that people go out in public without checking their outfits in a full length mirror over debating the meaning of life.  While I certainly think about those things, I opt out of doing that on a first meeting.  Especially one that I have been ordered into.  So I deleted him, along with all the others.

The men have just been soooooo random this week.  And I’m none too happy about it!  There is one gentleman that contacted me though that is not my usual type, but his profile was so sweet and fun that I messaged back.  We’ve exchanged multiple messages over the past 2 days.  He’s witty and kind and loves the water almost as much as I do.  Better yet, he has a boat and water toys in which to enjoy it with.  And summer is almost here!  No, I’d never be interested in someone for what they have over who they are, this is just a bonus.  Anyway, our messages have been fun and we have lots in common.  And I opted to respond to his last message when I got back from happy hour last night.  In hindsight, probably not the best of ideas as I haven’t heard back from him.  For now, I’ll opt to think that he’s just busy on this gloomy Saturday morning and that my cheeky ‘possibly getting to meet a terrific guy off of match’ response to his question of what I was doing next week entailed.  *sigh*  Don’t drink and message people….. there should really be some sort of breathalyzer lock on any and all online dating accounts.  And text message applications.  And phones.  Just sayin’ 😉




2 Responses to “Rain, Rain Go Away …… And Take All The Creepy Online Guys With You”

  1. Matthew Says:

    There is certainly something weird in the air when it comes to the online dating world right now…but my experience right now is quite the opposite. After a month, or two, of “radio silence”, from the female part of the species…suddenly I’ve become quite a hot commodity.

    Not only do I have women responding to my messages, participating in conversation; but I also have women sending me a message first to initiate things.

    You’ll actually like this GG…I have a date tomorrow night with one I’ve been messaging/texting with for the last few weeks….for drinks…adult drinks. No coffee date for me tomorrow! 🙂

    • OMG Matthew! A big boy date! 😉 I’m so proud of you! I know that’s totally outside of your SOP for a 1st meeting! Just one tip ……. no dancing on the tables. 😉

      Geez, glad someone is having good luck online these days ……. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow!!!!

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