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Dating In The Dark March 15, 2013

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Did anyone watch that show?  Sort of along the line of ‘The Dating Game’ (for those old-ish folks out there).  Where you can speak to and ask your potential date questions, but you cannot see them.  I love it because it forces you to concentrate on who they are as a person and not just on what they look like.  Awesome in theory.  Wish I could say it’s awesome in reality.  It’s not.  I’m far from superficial and would much rather date a mediocre looking guy with an amazing heart than a gorgeous guy who’s a douchebag, but there’s no denying it:  looks matter.  There has to at least be the slightest bit of physical attraction (and hopefully much more than ‘the slightest bit’).

Why do I bring this up?  Well that is because E-Harmony is having one of their stellar (and by ‘stellar’ I of course mean ‘shitty’) ‘free weekends’ to communicate with my PERFECT matches! 🙂 Yey me?  Oh wait, that’s right.  I have yet to find my perfect match on any dating site, much less on that insists on sending me profile of 5’6″ men who live 2 towns over.  But I digress.  On this half assed ‘communicate for free’ weekend there is a catch.  A big one.  Actually there’s two.  The first is that you can’t just skip right past the annoyingly inane set of multiple canned questions and go straight to the e-mail portion of the game.  For that, you’d have to join.  Nice.  The second is that you can’t see any photos!  So basically I’m communicating with people who I have no idea what they look like.  They could be bean pole thin or as big as a house.  They could have 4 eyes on their forehead.  They could be the hottest man alive.  They could be the least attractive man alive.  They could be posting their mugshots.  There’s no way for me to know.  I am forced to pay attention only to their stellar use of the english language.  Their horrible spelling and grammar.  Their silly canned responses.  Boo.  Don’t get me wrong, I do this anyway, but I’d at least like to also be able to see who I’m dealing with, ya’ know?

Of course, after I whiz through the canned portion of the ‘get to know you’ phase (what?  I’m supposed to pay close attention to that stuff?) and am allowed to actually send an e mail, I request a photo be sent to my ‘faux’ e mail address.  Totally opening myself up to getting a plethora of creepy pictures of god knows what.

Heaven help me.  Or them.  Could honestly go either way.  😉


8 Responses to “Dating In The Dark”

  1. Jacs Says:

    As much as I am one to enjoy someone who can make me laugh etc and is mediocre looking I have yet to find someone in that ‘mediocre’ category. Everyone I have chatted with who hasn’t has a picture ends up being the exact opposite of what I’m looking for. In. Every. Way. Enjoy free communication weekend. Hopefully there are some good ones doing just like you!

    • Thank you for your optimism Jacs, but c’mon, you know my world doesn’t work like that 😉 The only one so far that I’ve even had an interest in finding out what he looks like resembles a 6’4″ ginger haired Johnny Appleseed mixed it with a bit of serial killer …….

  2. Matthew Says:

    You’ll probably end up with a bunch of guys wanting you to find their “lucky charms”!

  3. I tried eHarmony years ago…and thought it was a bit ridiculous. I would communicate with guys they paired me with, through the canned questions, and some of the guys didn’t have pics. So, after all the canned communication, they had their profiles set to reveal their pics at that point. OMG. The shock at the pictures. WOW. I don’t like to be superficial, either…but there’s no way I’d be physically attracted to these guys. And the same thing happened to me when I logged back in for “free” weekends. Stupid. I admire you for sticking to the online dating!

    • When I actually paid for my e-harmony membership, I never communicated with guys that wouldn’t show their picture (i figure if I show mine, it only fair to see theirs) … i find the stupid canned questions annoying enough that I want to know that there is at least a chance that I would find the guy attractive 😉

      • I totally agree! And I’m pretty sure I came to that conclusion when I was on there as well. If you can’t put your picture out there, from the get go, I find that a bit suspicious. If this were real world – in public – you wouldn’t get to hide your face under a paper bag – you’d have to SHOW it!

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