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Twins …… A Lifetime of Competition March 29, 2013

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So I have a twin sister.  I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned that before.  And the fact that we couldn’t be more different.  She’s shorter than I am, with brown hair, a holier than thou attitude, a questionable sense of style (think low-cut tops with shorts and high-heeled sandals that she teeters around town on) and a level of compassion and understanding that is rivaled only by that of Hitler.  Okay, she’s not that bad, but kinda close.  I have it on good authority that I’m prettier, smarter, more driven, funnier and nicer than she is (hard to believe since I just compared her to Hitler, right?).  She found love later in life.  She married her 1st husband at age 41 and lost him way too soon.  She’s the one that lost her husband in a tragic motorcycle accident in January of 2011.  She’s the one who opted to start dating again after just 6 months to fill the void that M left.  She’s the one that, after just 2 weeks on horrific JDate, met a man that she would move in with shortly thereafter.  She’s also the one that is getting married.  Again.

So I ask you: how is it that she can meet a great guy so soon after joining what I consider to be the worst dating site ever?  Well okay, 2nd worst after Plenty of Fools.  😉 How is it that she can find 2 men to fall madly in love with her, bitchy attitude and all?  How is it that she is well on her way to marriage number 2 and yet I remain single?

Contrary to what this post would lead you to believe, I’m actually happy for her.  She deserves to be happy.  She’s been through a lot.  D seems like a terrific guy and they appear pretty perfect for each other.  Sure, she has different standards than I do.  Sure, she has a different life than I do.  Sure, she has a much different personality than I do.  I’m a bit puzzled though.  And not in a bitchy, competitive way either.  I honestly don’t know what I’m doing wrong……

How is it that she’s going to be married twice before I can even find a guy to go out on a 3rd date with?  And no, it’s not always me ‘opting out’ of follow-up dates either.  It’s them.  So although I would like to say it’s because I’m so ‘picky’, I fear that’s not the case.  At least not anymore.  Damn, I’m almost out of men to date in this town. 😉


12 Responses to “Twins …… A Lifetime of Competition”

  1. Jacs Says:

    How about we switch towns?? Ive cycled through almost all the eligible men in my preferences, as I am sure you have in yours. Im down for it. LOL

  2. Matthew Says:

    Though I don’t know her, it’s obvious to me (at least speculative) that she has a lot of unresolved issues. It isn’t healthy (again, my opinion) to lose your husband (in the worst way) and begin dating and move as fast as she has.

    It’s for all the wrong reasons she’s met a guy, and he’s probably the same way. He’s avoid his troubles. She’s probably avoiding hers too.

    How is it that she’s getting married again and you are still looking for your first? That way I see it, you aren’t willing to just settle. You have standards.

    She…is just trying to fill a hole that can’t be filled, because she’s digging faster than anyone can hope to try and fill it.

    • Thanks Matthew. I had a big long conversation with a friend last night about who, exactly, is doing this ‘searching for love’ thing ‘wrong’. My sister is well on her way to marriage #2 and i’m still single. At 45. I realize that if I were willing to ‘settle’ I could have been married 4 times over probably, but which is better? Holding out for my ‘ideal’ (and no, I don’t think I have unreasonable expectations) and hoping for a forever or settling for ‘good instead of great’ and being happy for however long it lasts? Neither of us could come up with an answer.

  3. TikkTok Says:

    some people don’t do alone well. I think it’s her standards, not yours….

  4. SillyG Says:

    Think about this alot as I watch others ‘fall in love’ so easily. Is it low standards or is it that they smart in that they don’t focus on things that really don’t matter. Either way – screw that I am not settling. My couch isnt big enough for less than perfect 🙂

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