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And Yet Another Theory….. April 8, 2013

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I can’t tell you how many posts I’ve sat down to write only to decide that they were either too lame (the imaginary boyfriend that I made up for a few weeks because I got tired of everyone thinking I was a loser for being single ~ right, like making up an imaginary boyfriend doesn’t make me an even bigger loser!).  About the hockey game that I went to by myself (just me and 20,000 of my closest beer swilling, monster truck loving friends).  About the guy that I actually met at a ‘meetup’ event that I was a little attracted to until he told me he was a structural engineer and then condescendingly asked me if I knew what that was.  And many others.  As it’s your lucky day, this post is about none of those things!  You’re welcome.

The big news is that I’m back on Match.  Yes, again.  Shush.  I figured as long as my membership expires (yes, again) in 2 weeks, I may as well give it one last college try.  I uploaded a couple new photos and changed the verbiage a bit.  And, take your seats everyone lest you pass out when you read this next part ……. I ran an actual search for men!  Yes. I.  Did.  My usual M.O. is to wink at guys I’m only sorta interested in and to send actual witty and fun messages to those that I’m more than sorta interested in.  Of course, I never hear back from either category.  Because a) winks are lame and b) because the guys that don’t respond to my messages are lame and c) my inbox is too busy being flooded by messages and winks from recent parolees or stunt doubles for ZZ Top!  I’ve opted to try a different route this time.  One I’ve not done in the past because it just seemed like a weird thing to do.

As I’m perusing my lovely list of men (and, just so you all know that I’m trying to expand my horizons, I’ve opted to search for men that are not only taller than I am, but that are 1″ shorter than me ~ hoping to god that they’re not actually 3″ shorter than I am), I pick out the ones that I might like and I add them to my favorites list.  No winks.  No messages.  Just put them in favorites because I know that they’ll get notified.  Then I just sit back and wait to see if they’ll contact me. 🙂 Yey!  Finally a constructive way to put my passive aggressiveness to good use!  I think I added 6 guys to my favorites last night and have already heard from 2 of them.

I guess time will tell how this new act of supreme laziness procedure of mine works out!


5 Responses to “And Yet Another Theory…..”

  1. TikkTok Says:

    I admire your persistence, GG. Rock on!

  2. Matthew Says:

    I still think you should give OkStupid another chance. I’m not 100% in regards to the varying dynamic for a woman on there, but it’s actually been working in my favor here lately.

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