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Is It Duck Hunting Season? April 9, 2013

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First off, let me apologize to all the duck hunters who accidentally land on my blog in the hopes of gaining some wonderful insight on the gross activity.  You’re in the wrong place.  I’m all about hunting men.  And I apparently do it very poorly.  Damn it.  Oh well, at least I don’t have to wear head to toe camouflage and go stand in the middle of nature at 4am with a stupid whistle in my mouth.

I’ve been back on match for exactly 36 hours.  And am almost ready to hide my profile again.  Sure, I’m still testing out my ‘favorite them & forget them’ theory, but from initial results, it’s not the greatest idea.  Well, actually, 2 out of 7 isn’t so bad I guess.  If they turn out to be who they say they are.  And aren’t 5’6″.  And as you all know, in the world of online dating, that’s a very big IF.  Boo.

It’s good to know that my appeal to the geriatric set hasn’t lessened since I’ve been gone though.  By good of course, I mean horribly depressing.  I seem to be attracting a new breed of online daters this time around as well.  In addition to everyone sporting some sort of facial hair (goatee, soul patch, mustache, beard), they all seem to be wearing camouflage baseball hats.  Now while I’m fully aware that I should consider myself lucky that they’re not wearing Elmer Fudd style hats (duh, those are only worn for hunting wabbits), I find this trend a bit disturbing.  Pretty sure there is nothing in my profile that screams ‘take me camping and let’s kill wild-life’.  Okay, 99% sure.

Just to set the record straight; I consider a 20-year-old Holiday Inn with no WiFi ‘roughing it’.  I’m not a hunter and gatherer.  I prefer my meals already plated and neatly garnished.  I am not a fan of facial hair.  Of any sort.  I’m a BIG fan of clean-cut.  As in Mad Men clean-cut.  Yummy……..


(My apologies to any and all duck hunters who were offended by my post.  I tried to warn you.  Now, do any of you have any cute, single, male, non-hunting friends?)


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