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Why I’m A Bitch, Reason #4,286 April 13, 2013

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So I was testing out my new ‘favorite and forget’ theory on match and seemed to have attracted the interest of 2 men.  2 vertically challenged men.  1 I met for drinks on Wednesday, but that’s not why I’m a bitch.  The other, I spoke to on the phone once.  And he told me all about his love of yoga and Indian food and anything Navajo.  None of which interest me.  He told me about a trip he took, at the invitation of some Hopi Indians, to go to their sacred whatever it’s called and watch a Kachina ritual.  You know, like the Kachina dolls you see only these are tribe-members dressed up just like that and they do ceremonial dances and chanting.  And that is how he spent his vacation.  And all I could think was ‘geez, and I spent mine laying on a beach drinking cocktails’.  Not quite on the same spiritual level I would say.  He was very nice and very sweet and very much wanted to meet for coffee.  As we couldn’t coordinate a time he said he’d call me the next day.  Which he did.  And I let him go to voicemail.  I responded by sending a text saying that I was working (lie) and would have to call him back either yesterday or today.  And I’m thinking, here’s a perfectly good, although vertically challenged individual who has a good heart and intentions and although I posses those things too (shush, I do, really), we seem to show them in completely different ways.  I just couldn’t see myself discussing the meaning of life over Chai Tea and curry.  So I sent him a very nice message on Match.  Saying that although I was certain he would meet a wonderful woman, I just wasn’t her.

Now, back to that date I had.  I won’t go into much detail as there is the very slight chance I might see him again and I certainly don’t need to throw anything out into the universe that might work against me.  We met for cocktails and had a terrific time.  He too is shorter than I am and is a goofy looking semi ginger.  But he had great eyes and was great fun to talk to.  We stayed for about 2.5 hours and had many laughs.  While I was driving home I received a text from him saying what a great time he had and how awesome I was to talk to.  I responded that I had a great time as well.  And then ……….. nothing.  2 days go by without a peep.  I figured I’d chalk it up to the ever frustrating shiny ball syndrome that seems to permeate the attention of online daters.  Well, my ever optimistic friend grabbed my phone last night and sent him a text (approved by me ;-)).  And he responded immediately.  We proceeded to text back and forth for the next half hour or so (yes, i’m that girl who texts on her phone while out with friends apparently) and the messages were short, cute and somewhat flirty.  And then, once again, he just stopped.  Told me I was a cute, funny & sexy and then didn’t bother to ask me out again.  Uhm, WTF?


2 Responses to “Why I’m A Bitch, Reason #4,286”

  1. KayBeeBee Says:

    Ooooh spiritual guy loving Navajo people and yoga … Sounds like my ideal guy! 😉

    Gotta say your Internet dating stories ring some bells and make me smile!!

    Oh and LOVE ginger 🙂 x

    • Spiritual guy was actually very nice and sent me a sweet reply wishing me well (much better than bitching me out like most guys would do :-x). Ohhhh, you’re a fellow Ginger lover? There aren’t many of us!

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