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My Basket Of Eggs Is Broken April 21, 2013

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You know that saying?  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?  Well, my basket is empty.  And I like eggs.  Eggs just don’t seem to like me these days.  And by eggs, I mean online dating guys.  I still can’t believe the guy I had a great 1st date with and texted with back and forth the following Friday never asked me out again.  He keeps looking at my profile on Match, but whatever.

Just so all two of you you don’t think I’m wasting my final 48 hours on match (this time around …….. shush), I actually logged in today.  Yey me!  I didn’t mean to;  I meant to come here and write a post, but I figured the universe was directing me to give things one last try.  Either that or I’m just ‘special’ and hit the wrong line on my favorites, but whatever.  I didn’t run a search today.  Maybe I will tonight.  Instead I looked at all the guys that have ‘favorited’ me.  There are 40 of them.  I don’t know if that’s a lot or not, but just about 38 of them look like ex (or future) cons.  Hidden amongst the dregs of society I found 2 guys though.  Cute ones.  With great profiles and nice smiles.  Hey, if they favorited me, they must like something about me?  Unless they’re putting me in their favorites folder so they don’t ever have to look at my hideous face again.

Anyway, they are both out of my ‘norm’ for search criteria but I wrote to them anyway.  Short and fairly boring messages and said that I would like to hear more about them.  However I made the cardinal mistake of not actually asking a question that requires an answer.  Oh well, I tried that last week and didn’t hear back from either guy (they’re obviously dead or married).  So the 1st gentleman is older than I usually look for (52) but he’s tall and sounds like he has his head on straight.  He lives farther away than I would like, but if distance is the greatest obstacle, bring it on!  The 2nd had a very nice smile and wrote a very interesting profile with no grammatical or punctuation errors!  Hard to come by these days.  Sadly, he is 5’7″.  And I’m 5’10”.  And I’m not sure that I am up for being the Nicole Kidman to his Tom Cruise.

What I didn’t write in either message is the fact that I saw that they had both favorited me.  For some reason I thought that would sound lame, so I just said that I ‘came upon their profile today’.  Let’s see if I hear back from them!  I could use a good date.  With a nice guy.  A nice, unbroken guy.  I’m out of the fix-it business!


* It’s now a scant 2 hours since I wrote this post and, better sit down for this one, I’ve heard back from both of them!  Of course 1 I like more than the other and of course, my last message to him made me sound like a pretentious idiot (I actually used the word ‘fruition’ as I couldn’t think of any other word that was fitting), so we’ll see if I hear back.


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