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I Think They Work On Commission April 22, 2013

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No really.  I’m pretty sure they do.  I’m talking about the trained monkeys at Match.com that throw darts at a board in order to pick matches for you (2nd only in quality to the stellar monkeys over at E-Horror-Me).  My membership expires tomorrow.  Which pretty much means that if I don’t cancel today, they’ll charge me $35 for another month and there’s no way I’m paying that when I can just call my mother if I want to be disappointed for free.  😉 Anyway, you know I’m hit or miss on that site.  Okay fine, you know I’m usually miss with an occassional ‘hit’ on that site.  Why is it that just yesterday I received 3 messages from semi normal guys and another one today?  As I’m certainly not going to announce that my membership expires tomorrow and give out my phone number or e-mail (because it’s a) creepy and b) creepy since I don’t really know them ~ or they me), I think I’m going to need to renew for another month.  Boo.  I can’t figure out if the monkeys are the ones getting the commission or if the guys that contact me last-minute are.

As it stands now though, 2 have asked me to meet and 1 is going to call me.  The guys, not the monkeys, btw.  Maybe the universe is taking pity on me after all.  Or maybe Match just wants to suck me in for another 30 days of disappointment.  Decisions, decisions.


Oh, and for those of you playing the home edition of ‘how long will it take TD to contact Grey’ game, those of you that guessed 9 days win.  As I was watching my beloved Mad Men (did I ever tell you that TD reminds me of Don Draper in every way?  Looks, attitude and broken-ness) last night, I received a text.  From TD.  Saying ‘I miss talking to you but I am staying away because that’s what I think you want and is probably a good idea right now anyway.’  Did he really just send me a ‘I’m contacting you to tell you that we shouldn’t be in contact’ text?


2 Responses to “I Think They Work On Commission”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    I believe that Match.com selects the potentially good matches only as you’re membership is about to expire. Only so that you’ll be ‘forced’ to renew.

    TD reminds me of the one I’m getting over.Throw out a little bait to see if you’ll nibble. If you do.. then they retreat. if not, they will throw out some more bait in a few days.
    Good luck with that one. Just like Match.com.. it’s tempting, but there is a price to pay.

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