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I Don’t Know How Bulimics Do It ….. April 25, 2013

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First off, anyone who happens upon this blog post while googling help for bulimia, I’m sorry.  Secondly ……. run away.  And fast.  This has nothing to do with eating disorders.  Anywhoo, I’m minding my own business on Monday when I start feeling like poo.  Like big poo.  Like I could give that kid for the Exorcist a run for her money in the vomit department (oh sorry, tmi?).   Sooo gross.  I think the dogs thought it was funny though watching me run back and forth to the bathroom to throw up.  Evil creatures.  😉 So that was the start of my week; and pretty much how the rest of the week has gone.  I’m finally starting to feel better and that’s why I’m gracing you all with a blog post.  Seemingly about gross stuff.  But not really.

When last I checked in, I was messaging with 2 guys on Match I think.  I had a date set up to meet one of them on Tuesday (yes, day 2 of the lovely plague that I had), had plans to meet another last night and had 3 messages from the 5’7″ guy.  Hmmmm.  Tuesday guy (46, 6’2″, never been married, owns his own company, lives all the way across town) invited me to meet him at a very nice bar at one of the resorts in town.  Wow.  That never happens.  I’m used to the nimrods picking a sports bar to meet at.  I was feeling like total crap so I almost cancelled.  Almost.  But opted not to.  So I slapped on a dress (hoping my cleavage would distract from my pale appearance and inability to look directly at sunlight), brushed my teeth and off I went.  I got there 1st so took a seat by a window and waited for him.  In walks a very well dressed man who was …….. wait for it ………. handsome!  WTF?  He must have been there for someone else, right?  Nope, he was all mine.  I got up to give him a hug and stepped on his foot.  Lovely.  We sat down and started chatting.  He’s very smart, very opinionated, very driven and very well versed on current events.  Most of which I am not.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, I found him absolutely charming (and did I mention that I was actually attracted to him?) but couldn’t read him so in my stellar hard-to-get play from the anti-rule handbook, when we were talking about Match, he told me I was his 1st date from there (I of course, apologized ;-)) so that was the perfect opportunity for me to ask him how I was doing.  Suave, right?  Nah, I’m sure I just blurted out, so what do you think?  Der.  He said he found me intelligent and interesting and a couple other things that I don’t remember (I hope they weren’t pasty and ill looking).  Nice.  After 2.5 hours, I apologized for having to cut things short, but had ot go throw up told him that I had a migraine and was tired but that I had a wonderful time.  He said he did too.  And he walked me to my car, gave me a hug and said ‘let me know if you’d like to go out again’.  To which I coyly said that I would and got in my car and drove away leaving him to wonder if I’d call or not blurted, ‘Of course I would!’  Then I got in my car and drove away.  Oy, I have NO game.  We texted a bit yesterday but nothing today.  I’m not going to worry about it as I’m pretty sure I’ll hear from him again (i hope).

Date #2 was to be last night at a sports bar (of course) and I again was feeling like crap.  And he’d picked 8pm to meet.  I don’t know who picks 8pm unless they’re just getting off their lunch shift at Chili’s or just finished up their scheduled shift selling shoes at Macy’s.  For some reason that just seemed kinda late for me for a week night (i’m old, remember).  I had messaged him earlier in the day to see if we were still on as he hadn’t reconfirmed (like date #1 did).  As I still hadn’t heard from him by 7:30, I told him that I was going to need to cancel as I didn’t really want to go wasn’t feeling well.  Of course he messaged right back that he’d just gotten home from work but would have been on time.  He asked for a rain-check and I said ‘sure’.  ‘Cause I’m a dumbass like that.  He did message me today to see how I was feeling though, so that was nice.

5’7″ guy and his 3 phone messages sounds really nice, but really?  5’7″?  Not even 5’9″ or 8?  C’mon, I don’t think I can deal.  I feel like a total bitch about it, but I already have Amazonian issues, so going out with a hobbit isn’t going to help my cause I don’t think.  Needless to say, I haven’t called him back.

So that’s what’s going on in my world.  OH! As I was sick on Tuesday and in bed sleeping most of the day, I totally forgot that that was the day that my Match membership expired!  Yey!  Oh wait, what?  It was set up on automatic renewal?  At the regular rate?  For 3 more months?  Dammit!

And as for my shout out to bulimics, here’s my question to you all.  If my total food count for the past 3 days has consisted of 1 scrambled egg, 4 saltine crackers and some flat 7 up, why is it that I haven’t lost a pound?!  I thought that was at least a fringe benefit of feeling like death warmed over and not being able to eat ………



4 Responses to “I Don’t Know How Bulimics Do It …..”

  1. 1smiles Says:

    Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. I can’t believe you went on the date feeling so crappy — I hope you get to feeling better soon.

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