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And Yes, I’m Keeping A Tracker …. April 27, 2013

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It’s been 14 days since I’ve seen TD.  12 days since I sent my last e-mail saying we shouldn’t be friends.  6 days since he sent his awesome ‘i miss talking to you, but it’s probably a good idea we stay apart for now’.  Sadly it’s also been about 20 days since I’ve seen his kids.  That’s a pretty big deal considering I used to be over there at least 5 nights a week last year.  Hell, I used to go over to hang out with his kids when TD wasn’t even home!  I know I’ve missed some big milestones.  His daughter got her license.  She’s finally job hunting (no clue if she got anything).  She graduates in @ 2 weeks.  As it’s summer and in the 90s, I know they’re all going out on the boat on the weekends.  Now stop rolling your eyes.  I know I don’t belong.  I know he doesn’t deserve me.  I haven’t contacted any of them.  Until last night.  When his son FB messaged me.  He was with his girlfriend and they wanted to check in and see how I was doing.  As he usually contacts me when he needs a promo code from job #2, I asked.  He said ‘no, we just wanted you to know that we love you and miss talking to you’.  And he’s 16.  And just about the sweetest kid ever.  We messaged back and forth for a while about nothing in particular and ended by me thanking him for checking in and letting him know that it made my day (because it totally did).  I messaged his girlfriend this morning to thank her as well and she responded in kind adding ‘hopefully we’ll get to see you soon’.  I have no idea if they know the reasons behind my disappearance this time around, but if there’s anything I know about TD, his version will put me at fault.  Pretty sure his son knows better.  Regardless, I know I won’t be seeing any of them soon.  Or ever.  And that, my friends, truly breaks my heart.

Oddly enough, a friend of TD’s (one of about 2) who only gets together with him when he has wife issues or wants to watch a cute new bartender or cocktail waitress and needs an excuse to go out, messaged me last night as well.  He has this thing about flirting with TD’s girl friends.  I know he did it with the crazy key wielding ex and I know he does it with me.  I highly doubt that he does with horse-face-closet-dweller because, well, she has a face that looks like a horse’s.  I didn’t ask him anything about TD (yey me!), but he asked me the oddest thing.  He wanted to know about my tattoos.  Uhm, I don’t broadcast that I have them or run around in halter tops, so I was confused as to how he knew.  And he said that TD told him.  Uhm, why on earth would they be talking about my tattoos.  Anyway, I know that TD hates them.  I didn’t respond much and I certainly didn’t send him that picture of the one on my left hip bone!  Much to his dismay.  I’m not sure why he keeps contacting me.  He actually invited me out to meet he and TD last week.  Wanted to know if we were talking again.  Weird.  In the past, I would drop whatever I was doing in order to go meet them (any excuse to see TD, right?), but I declined and explained that it wasn’t a matter of us not talking and moreso one of us not being good for one another anymore.  Period.

Yes, I know this was a boring post, but I write these things to encourage myself to keep up with the no contact thing.  And yes, I realize that no contact with TD means no contact with his kids, but if they contact me first ……….. 😉


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