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Then Again, Maybe Not……. April 27, 2013

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Well gee, there is a distinct possibility that my overconfidence (ha!) about my date from Tuesday contacting me again was a bit premature.  Or just all in my head.  Not sure.  Sure, we had a great time.  Sure, he asked me to let him know if I wanted to see him again.  Sure I blurted out YES right away (i’m so suave).  Sure, we exchanged a couple of texts the next day that ended with him stating that he ‘would check his jam-packed social agenda 😉 and let me know as the week was getting away from him’.  To which I replied ‘sure thing, sounds good!’.  The end.  Boo.  I was going to text him a casual ‘hope you’re having a good weekend’ text and also mention something that we had spoken about on Tuesday today.  And probably still will.  Here’s where the ‘hmmmm’ part comes in.  Since Match was nice enough to renew my membership at full price (dammit) for the next 3 months, I logged on today.  And went to check out all the ex cons men that had favorited me (as Tuesday guy was from that list and it’s an easy way for me to look at his picture and check when the last time he logged in was without him knowing).  I went through all 4 pages and what do you know?  He wasn’t there anymore.  Which could only mean one of 3 things.  Either he got tired of seeing my hideous face on his favorites list, he blocked me or he just hid his profile altogether.  I know that a lot of guys do this at the beginning as it gets quite overwhelming.  He had said he was only on for a week and that I was his 1st date, so who knows.  Even if he had unfavorited me, I would still be able to see his profile since he sent me a message, so I went into that folder (if only the CIA could have put my talents to good use) to pull up our old messages.  And there they were.  All of them.  Sadly, his picture is no longer visible and instead of seeing his profile it says ‘additional information is not available’.  Hmmmm, so now we’re down to his blocking me or his taking a break from Match.  Of course he could have met his dream woman the night after he met me, he may have discovered that he was gay, or his wife discovered his online profile.  Regardless of the reason, I still haven’t heard from him since Tuesday, and I’m guessing that if he had any interest whatsoever, he would have at least shot me a text or two since then. Boo.


7 Responses to “Then Again, Maybe Not…….”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Maybe he’s being stupid and trying to play the game of wanting you to chase him (shift the tides of who holds “power” in the dating relationship); which if that’s the case…I say “Meh” to him.

    And don’t discount your jumping at the opportunity to accept the 2nd date option the way that you did. It’s better to get it out there than leave people wondering, and eventually it’ll work.

    The woman I’ve been seeing (the last few weeks) began with her meeting me at a dog park and that was all that was planned. While there I asked if she wanted to get lunch. During lunch I then asked her if she wanted to see a movie later that night. Dropping her off after the movie we had made plans a few days later; but when I got home that very same night I called her and asked her out for the following night.

    First 4 days we “knew” each other we went on 4 dates.

    There’s nothing wrong with showing interest.

    • Thanks Matthew. I’ve always just said up front if I want to see a guy again (if he asks), so good to know that’s not ‘wrong’. Congrats on the new girl. Uh, is telling me that you met someone that you really like and that you had 4 dates in 4 days supposed to be encouraging or are you just bragging? 🙂 Keep me posted!

      • Matthew Says:

        Encouraging. Absolutely encouraging. The lesson “Own yourself, own your life”. Not that you don’t own yourself…I just say keep on at it.

  2. When I first joined Match, I had help from another blogger here. In fact, two other bloggers reviewed my profile for me.

    I set it up initially with a few details, then blocked my profile so I could have time to review it and set it up properly. When it was ready for the ‘big time’ (hahahaha!), I unblocked it and started anew.

    So, whether he likes you or not, he may be doing the same kind of thing and it means nothing bad. Other than he may not want to stop using Match after his first date.

    I’m told some people have dates lined up for a week’s worth of evenings to get a feel for the kind of people they might meet. And again, that’s without implying anything but positive for you.

    In summary, chill. Patience, grasshopper.

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