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Alright, What’s The Punchline? April 28, 2013

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It must be a full moon.  Or the universe is just playing a cruel joke on me.  Again.  It’s been quite the weekend for messages on Match.  So weird that I can go for a month with nothing ‘good’ and then weekends like this one, it’s like they’re offering some sort of cash prize for contacting me.  I’m currently ‘in talks’ with several guys.  Who knows if any of them will pan out, but I guess it beats sitting at home feeling sorry for myself, right?

8pm Guy ~ You know, the one I cancelled on last-minute last week?  Yeah, that one.  We’re supposed to meet tomorrow night.  At 8pm.  On a school night.  I pretty much know nothing about him aside from the fact that he’s tall and 52.

5’7″ Guy ~ Poor thing.  Messaged, texted & e-mailed me many times over the past week.  I’ve ignored them all.  He sent me a message today asking how I felt.  I thought that was sweet and my conscience got the better of me so I called him.  And he talks a lot.  I mean A LOT.  He seemed very nice though and who knows, I could learn to slouch and never wear heels again, right?  We’re meeting for dinner on Tuesday.

The Pilot ~ Has been messaging back and forth all day today.  Each time he sends a message, he changes the subject line.  So dorky of me to love that, but I do.  Shows that he puts some effort into it.  He’s currently in Tokyo, but wants to meet for a glass of wine when he returns (on the 3rd, I think).

Jack of All Trades ~ Just moved here from Washington.  Seems to be totally blue-collar but in an entrepreneurial sort of way.  Owns storage facilities, apartment complexes and rental properties in 3 states.  Stated in his profile that he was looking to make new friends.  I clarified that I wasn’t on Match to ‘make friends’ and he corrected himself.  We’ll see what happens.

Handsome Man ~ The one I met on Tuesday night and never heard back from?  Well, I sent him a text yesterday saying that I hoped he was having a nice day and that I was on my way to work for a bitchy client that we had talked about.  He responded right away wishing me luck and telling me that he was certain I would do awesome.  I responded back thanking him for the vote of confidence and saying I would let him know how it went.  To which he responded ‘sounds good’.  And then I didn’t.  I’ll just see if I hear from him again.  Maybe he’s just really busy?

5 guys?  All at the same time?  Of course there are a couple I like more than others, but I’m trying to keep an open mind and since so many don’t even pan out to be a ‘date’, I guess it’s good to hedge my bets, right?


3 Responses to “Alright, What’s The Punchline?”

  1. Note sure why height should, all by itself, be a problem for you ignoring the guy who is a few inches shorter than you. I guess it matters a LOT to some people and not to others. I’d go out with someone taller if they were nice and interesting. I’d at least try to be sure of that before ruling them out…

  2. Jacs Says:

    The Pilot — how Christian Grey of him 😉

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