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Why Men Annoy The Crap Out Of Me, Part 3,286 April 30, 2013

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So I had my date last night with the tall 52 year old who I cancelled on last week.  We decided to reschedule for last night.  Same time, same place.  Oh wait, I was supposed to have my date last night with the tall 52 year old who I cancelled on last week.  He stood me up.  Fully.  No message, no call, no nothing.  Just me sitting at the bar, by myself, getting annoyed and then leaving after 20 minutes.  Nice.

Tonight is my date with the little short man who is taking me to dinner.  Oh wait, tonight was supposed to be my date with the little short man who is taking me to dinner.  I messaged him last night to make sure we will still on and to ask what time and where he’d like to meet (as he hadn’t yet decided).  He replied that he’d let me know ‘soon’.  Whatever the hell that means.  Wouldn’t you have a time and place in mind if you invite someone to dinner?  Anyway, he messaged me this morning that he’d need to reschedule as he has a work appointment.  As I’m not real keen on being cancelled on the day of, I opted not to respond.

The gentleman that I was supposed to meet tomorrow night has opted to fall off the face of the earth.

A total cutie with a darling profile that I messaged last night sent me this:

You are too kind GG,

I did enjoy your profile, and thank you for the wit. You Rock! 🙂
I will keep a lookout for your progress … 🙂 I wish you the very best. 🙂

I’m assuming that’s a ‘thanks but no thanks’?

There is only one man at the moment that has stepped up to the plate to restore my faith in the male species.  And he’s technically not even a man.  He’s 16 and that would just be creepy.  As I like to share my dating misfortunes with people outside of the blog world, I posted that I got stood up last night on FB and what did I find in my messages late last night?  A very sweet and very encouraging message from TD’s son and his girlfriend.  This kid is f*ing amazing.  He’s got more heart and empathy than most adults.  Here’s what he sent to me:

Hi! Its B and me! So i know that Were only 16 and yknow what do we know but hear us out. We saw your post earlier and it infuriated us. What kind of douche would do that so such an amazing woman? I’ve really gotten to know you in the past 2.. 2.5 years? and B has for almost a year now? idk im bad with time… but in that time, We’ve witnessed nothing but goodness in you. (other than you car choice ;D) We’ve seen a nice, sweet, loving, caring, thoughtful woman that deserves so much better than some immature jerk that doesnt know what hes missing. I hope you know that were always here for you and even though were kids, and we might not be able to help, but we sure can listen! And we really care about and love you! Any guy would be lucky to have you! Im sorry that you have to deal with people like that. He doesnt know what hes missing! Dont give up! theres a guy out there for you and hes gonna be worth the wait. Someone who will recognize and appreciate the good qualities and accept the bad ones (if there are any :D) Anyways i hope this make you feel better!
B & C

I know he gets his big ole’ heart from his dad.  I also know that he’s referring to his dad a bit in this message and wishes his dad would pull his head out of his ass.  Know what else I know?  That they love me TONS more than they like the horse faced closet dweller. :-X


5 Responses to “Why Men Annoy The Crap Out Of Me, Part 3,286”

  1. Cousin Bette Says:

    Hehe! Loved the title of this blog! Yeah, bunch of arsewipes as we say in the UK. Perhaps you say that in the US too. 😉 Keep on truckin’, GG – think about Stella, now moved in to new matrimonial home and v happy. But Lord, did she have some frogs along the way, far more than I did. I didn’t have the stamina. Your turn next. xx 🙂

  2. Matthew Says:

    You know, this post started in the typical GG fashion [that we all know and love] and then you turned us 180 degrees and put in a twist ending with heart and hope, and restored faith that even teenagers can be not-annoying. 😛

    Sorry to hear about the strike of bad luck with Dumb, Dumber and Dumberer regarding the dates and messages.

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