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You Be The Judge…… May 4, 2013

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C’mon now, you all (all 2 of you) know you love to judge me.  Or maybe that’s just me.  Whatever.  2 things this weekend that are/were either brilliant or really stupid.

I met TD’s kids for dinner last night.  Shut up, I miss them.  And they miss me.  I didn’t ask his permission as they actually invited me (but I got to pay).  It was a great (although way too short) dinner with them and I got to catch up with all that’s going on with them.  No mention was made of their dad.  Nor did I ask.  They had originally invited me over to the house for dinner, but I declined saying that their dad and I weren’t getting along, so I didn’t want to be around him and they understood.  They’re getting so mature and I’m missing it all.  His son’s 1 year anniversary with his gf is coming up.  I missed their high school prom.  His daughter’s high school graduation is in 2 weeks and I’m apparently not invited.   I’m not sure that she knows that I’m not invited but I hope she figures it out and doesn’t just think that I chose not to be there (truth be told, even if I were invited, I don’t think I would go but it would still be nice to know it was my option instead of not being wanted there).  Anyway, it was a terrific dinner and I was very glad that I got to see the kids.  I know that no TD means no kids, but I thought it was okay since they invited me, right?  Truth be told, it was the best Friday night date that I’ve had in a looooong time.  And I miss them terribly.  😦 I won’t say that I cried on the way home, but we all know that I did……

And for the record, no, I have not spoken to, e-mailed with or texted with TD in over 3 weeks.   Although I’m sad and miss them all (I know I’m nuts for missing him) every day, I also know it’s for the best.  No really, I do.

As for the 2nd part of my brilliant vs moronic weekend;  tomorrow I have a 1st date.  I won’t say with who (as I seem to jinx myself often), but it’s someone who I’ve been messaging back and forth with for a while.  And who I spoke to on the phone yesterday.  I was a tad bit more excited for the date before we actually spoke, but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt.  No, really.  He invited me to breakfast.  He offered to come pick me up and drive me there.  On his motorcycle.  Where the restaurant is an hour and a half away up in the mountains as the weather is cooler there and it should be a beautiful day for a ride.  As I’m a safety girl, I will not have him pick me up at my house but instead meet at a coffee place near my house.  That’s all fine and dandy but the fact remains that although I won’t let him know where I live, I will be hanging onto him for dear life for an hour and a half, on the back of his bike, on a ride up into the mountains.  For breakfast.  My sister is none too pleased with this scenario.  I have promised to text her a picture of his driver’s license tomorrow when we meet so she knows where to find him should I turn up missing.  Or end up chopped into itty bitty pieces and strewn about the mountain landscape.  Although he’s very responsible, I’m not quite sure that I am for agreeing to do this on a 1st date.  Having never met him before.  This is either going to turn out to be brilliant or not so much ……….. now only if I can find jeans that fit.


4 Responses to “You Be The Judge……”

  1. Cousin Bette Says:

    I’m hoping you have a great time, but may I remind you of a blog I once wrote (or maybe roughly 5 blogs I once wrote because I couldn’t get rid of him) about a person I nicknamed Eyore. He basically kidnapped me for the day. I thought it would be a couple of hours, three max, he made it into ten hours. Just sayin’.

    • Hahaha, I had forgotten about Eyore! Uhm, yeah, I’m a bit worried that I won’t have my customary quick escape plan and will basically be at his mercy, but maybe that will force me to give the guy an actual chance instead of picking him apart right off the bat (not that I do that, of course) …… or maybe I’ll just drink lots of mimosas 🙂

  2. Matthew Says:

    Ummm….you obviously survived motorcycle potential-kidnapper date. Hmmmm????

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