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I’m A Triathlete May 10, 2013

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I don’t mean I’M a triathlete for heavens sake.  If I were my events would be tripping, drinking and laughing.  And the only awards that come from those three are when I make it home safely without injuring (or offending) myself or those around me.  However, one of the men I met last night at the singles event that I went to *gag* was a triathlete.  And hasn’t been to a bar in 3 years.  And is an engineer.  And is very competitive.  And used to weigh 315 lbs.  And now weighs 195.  And has 5% body fat.  And is all about training for whatever race is being held that week anywhere in the world.  And shares the same name as TD.  Yes,  I know all of this from the short conversation I had with him.  Want to know what he knows about me?  That would be nothing because all he did was talk about himself.  He never even asked my name.  What a tool.

So yes, I went to a singles event with my ever optimistic and awesome friend (you know, the one I picked up speed dating last year?).  We challenged each other to talk to strangers and mingle.  Not all that easy for wallflowerish types.  I did okay.  I talked to the tall, conceited triathlete.  I talked to the very nice (and very short) man next to me.  I talked to a darling guy who was much too young for me.  I talked to a matchmaker that sponsored the event and works in town (more on her later).  When it was J’s turn to talk to strangers we took a trip around the bar and we ended up next to 2 guys sitting outside.  And then decided not to talk to them.  When we went back inside she bee-lined for 2 very cute guys.  2 very cute guys who couldn’t have been older than 25.  Who knew she was a cougar? ;-p

We had several short and/or inappropriate men come up and talk to us and all in all it was a fun time, but neither of us met anyone good.  For us.  And isn’t that the point?

So about this matchmaker……she works with single successful men in town and keeps a database of all sorts of women.  So I filled out an online application/profile/whore-me-out form and submitted it the previous night.  It took forever to fill out, but if it lands me a date with a great guy, then it’s all worth it, right?  So I go up to her and introduce myself and tell her that I filled out one of her applications the night before and she says she didn’t get it.  Boo.  And gave me her card and told me to call her today so she could double check.  And asked how old I was.  And what age range I was looking in.  And then told me that I was wrong.  What?  ‘Guys don’t date older’ is what she said.  Uhm, okay 😦 When I said 52 as my ‘cap’ on geriatricness (yes, a Grey Goose original word) she told me I need to go up to 55.  WHAT?  That’s 9 years older than me!  And while I don’t kid myself that I look 25 anymore, I really don’t want to end up with some old wrinkled fuddy duddy.  She said that online, I’m probably not attracted to the 55 year olds because they all lie and are even older than that.  Huh.

Anyway, the best part of the night was hanging out with J.  And the yummy lemon drop martinis. 🙂


4 Responses to “I’m A Triathlete”

  1. Matthew Says:

    In all fairness, it sounds like the triathlete is still in the ‘honeymoon’ stage of his weight-loss and fitness. Not good if you’re trying to date…because, as you said…he knows nothing about you. And that’s a lot of missing awesome.

    I’m excited to see if this matchmaker girl pulls through.

    • Aww, thanks Matthew. Yeah, you may be right about the honeymoon phase thing. I can’t quite figure out why he was there though. I talked to matchmaker lady today and she ‘doesn’t have anyone for me right now’ but will keep me on file …… oh joy

  2. Patti Says:

    I’m 43 been divorced since March 2012. I don’t date. I keep myself busy & hope that one day Mr Right will show up (crossing fingers) while I’m enjoying my new life. I tried online dating that lasted a good month. I noticed that most 40 something men were seeking women in their 30s even late 20s. I just couldn’t stay on any longer knowing that I would never be given a real chance because of my age & I had to protect my self esteem (most men were only interested in hookups, yuck). All of my closest girlfriends are under 35. They tell me I need a late 30 something gentleman because of my youthful personality. But, my preference is 40-46. I figure what guy in his 40s wouldn’t love to have a bright, bubbly chic-a-dee like me. This matchmaker teling you go up to 55! CRAZY! Ugh, I cant imagine dating a man past the age of 50. I am very active (walker, will be joining a kickball league in a few weeks) & love to be out most weekends (dinner/drinks with the girlies). A man in his 50s won’t be able to keep up with me! He’ll keel over & I’ll be to blame for it. 😦 ps-LOVE your blog!

    • Thanks so much for the nice comment (and thumbs up on my blog). Yeah, when I think of 55, I think of sitting on the couch watching the weather channel and reading consumer reports as ‘interesting reading’. You’re smart not to do the online thing. It is a huge ego killer. Stick to your guns on what/who you’re looking for and don’t ever give up!!

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