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They’re My Rules……. May 11, 2013

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So I’ve been getting messages from a couple of questionable men on match (insert lack of enthusiasm here).  By questionable, I mean one looks like a serial killer and doesn’t drink and the other is older than I like and has a picture of him holding god knows what up by his face in his main photo.  Is it a turtle?  A rock?  A puppy?  I can’t tell.  As I’m not thrilled by their photos or written profile, of course they LOVE me.  For every one boring & unenthusiastic response, I get no less than 3 in return.  Who does that?  Why would you keep sending messages (spaced all of about 15 minutes apart) unless they’ve gotten a reply?  Of course if I were totally excited about these guys, I wouldn’t find their enthusiasm creepy at all.  Then again, if I were totally excited about these guys they probably wouldn’t be messaging me. 😦

There is one (who doesn’t do the multiple message thing) that I’m a bit intrigued by.  He gave up a lucrative career in order to teach because he loves it.  Now, since this is online dating he may very well be full of shit and actually be the school janitor for the past 15 years, but I will always err on giving the benefit of the doubt.  Until it comes to bite me in the ass, of course.  He’s witty and smart and a total half is glass full kinda guy.  Probably a good counterpart to my ‘glass is half empty ….. with a constant leak’ attitude right now.  He wrote a terrific profile and sent me a very cute message.  To which I replied.  And as I am intrigued by him, I probably won’t hear back.  But then again ……. 😉 See?  I’m trying to plug that leak in my glass.

Teacher wrote something funny in my message.  He informed me that I was gifted with one of those ‘this person is 3x more likely to respond to your messages’ banners when I come up as a match for someone.  Uhm, wtf?  That just makes me sound desperate.  And it’s kind of a lie.  Knowing that, added to my knowledge of their questionable algorithm’s that they use (thank you Matthew) that track your communications and find ‘like’ people to send to you as matches, I think I need to stop sending my polite (and sometimes not so polite) ‘thanks but no thanks’ messages to 65 year old inapporopriate men who write me nice messages.  I mean really, how am I supposed to balance karma with being matched with more 65 year old men?

Now, as for my motorcycle date with The Pilot from Sunday.  Uhm, yeah.  It was fun.  The motorcycle ride, that is.  He was very nice (and didn’t knock me off the back of his bike or chop me up into tiny pieces) but there’s something about him that doesn’t sit right with me.  I can’t figure out what it is, but it’s there.  It might be the stellar story he told me of how he shot a bobcat on his roof or it might just be the fact that he seems über judgemental (I know, funny coming from me, right?).  As he was nice and polite though, and as I’m trying to broaden my horizons, I agreed when he asked me if I wanted to go out again.  He let me choose.  I picked something low-key ~ dinner and a movie.  To which we never went on as I haven’t heard a peep from him since Monday.  It’s a sad, sad day when guys I’m giving the benefit of the doubt to blow me off.  What?  That’s not good karma?  Whatever…..


6 Responses to “They’re My Rules…….”

  1. Matthew Says:

    I don’t know if I should say “You’re Welcome” or not. Knowledge is power? The More You Know?

  2. Surrey gal Says:

    If something doesn’t feel right it won’t get any better!

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