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Well Of Course He Wants To Meet……. May 12, 2013

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I swear, I think there’s some sort of correlation between spending your weekend being a total glutton overeating and being as bloated as humanly possible with potentially good guys (as good as they can be online, that is 😉 ) wanting to meet.  All I’ve done this weekend is eat.  And feel sorry for myself.  And eat some more.  And just when I’m full, I opt to order chinese food.  Yes, I seem to have an issue with this.  Honestly, I do, but I can usually keep it under control.  Apparently this weekend I opted for the course of ‘f*ck it’.   If I were a celebrity, I would be splashed across the covers of every gossip magazine out there announcing my ‘baby bump’.  Lovely.

Anywho, in between bites of heaven knows what Friday night, I messaged a couple of guys online.  I know!  Who am I?  They were just cute as can be and had terrific profiles.  They couldn’t be more different as one is just plain goofy and laid back and funny and the other is pretty spiritual and deep.  But they’re both cute, so who cares, right?  No actually they both responded ( I know, try not to pass out) with really thoughtful messages and good questions that showed that not only did they read my profile, but were interested in finding out more about me!  Either that or they just liked my pictures.  Either way, I don’t care.  One of them wants to meet (I’m not telling you which one though as I always seem to jinx myself) and I’ve agreed.  Just waiting to hear back about where and what time ……. on Tuesday.  Keep good thoughts for me!  I sure hope he likes chubby chicks……..


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