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Why It’s Good To Keep Detailed Notes May 14, 2013

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Basically it’s so that when talking to your date over bruschetta and he mentions his love of horses, that you don’t say ‘I thought you were allergic to horses’ and he busts you by saying ‘uh, no, that must be one of your other internet guys’.  Whoopsie. 🙂

Tonight’s date was ‘fine’.  And by fine I mean he loved me.  I mean like gushing over me loved me.  Of course that can only mean one thing.  I’m not into him.  He’s tall (good), skinny (bad), gangly (bad), broke (bad), an ex missionary (erm..), a bit self pitying (bad) and just kinda ….. fine.  Darn.  Of course he’s already called to make sure I made it home okay (very sweet).  Asked if I want to go out again (awkward).  Already chosen a movie theatre and ‘plan’ for Sunday (because I’m an idiot and said okay).  And messaged me twice to tell me what a good time he had ……… why the hell can’t guys I like be this attentive …… and smothering.  Meh, at least the bruschetta was yummy!

Oh and as an added bonus, the theatre he chose is about a stone’s throw away from TD’s house.  Nice ……


6 Responses to “Why It’s Good To Keep Detailed Notes”

  1. I feel your pain! I am trying a totally new thing for me now. I am giving the attentive and caring ones (well, and rich too) a chance. Normally if there is no chemistry I never give them a second chance, but now I figure what is the harm? Go and enjoy the movie!! Blessings! 🙂

    • Oooh, I want a rich one! 😉 It’s so sad when we’re just not attracted to the really nice guys. Good for you for giving them a 2nd chance (even if it turns out to be futile) 😉

  2. SillyG Says:

    Or is the question, why can’t one like sweet guys! Had to laugh, in one of my dating frenzies I was in the middle of a conversation that made no sense at all. I then realized that everything I thought I knew about him was actually another date.

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