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I Think He Needs To Swipe Some Ritalin May 19, 2013

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Isn’t that the stuff for hyperactive/ADD kids?  Yeah, well the Teacher seems to be in dire need of some.  We’re still messaging back and forth (against my better judgement) and his attention span seems to be quite minimal.  He either takes 2 days to respond and then only answers just one of my 14 inane questions or he sends me 3 messages right on top of each other.  2 on regular e mail and 1 thru match.  It’s just weird.  He keeps saying he wants to meet, but never suggests a day or a time.  I’ve suggested meeting twice now (complete with day and time) and he kinda ignores it.  He actually sent me his entire itinerary for this week (odd).  The 2 nights he’s available I am not.  Then he sent me a follow up message saying his plans for Thursday got cancelled, yet didn’t suggest we meet on that day.  So I did.  How much you want to be that next message I get from him says nothing about meeting.  So annoying.  Don’t teachers have to keep lesson plans to stay on track?  Is he so organized in his teaching career that he’s used it all up and is just scattered as hell in his personal life?

Not sure that I really even want to meet him at this point.  When I asked him what his plans were for this summer he said ‘ramping up on his workouts’.  Uhm, wtf?  Even better, when I asked him what his 3 ‘desert island’ foods would be (you know, if you were stranded on a desert island and could only eat 3 foods for the rest of your life), he responded with Quinoa, Roast Chicken & Grapes.  Really?  Is he that boring or is he just that literal?  I guess he’d be appalled by my pizza, steak & sandwich selections.  I won’t even tell you that he actually included 2 haiku poems in his messages to me.  And a little song based on the lyrics of Gilligan’s Island……. has my dating pool really come down to this?  *sigh* Kill me now…….


4 Responses to “I Think He Needs To Swipe Some Ritalin”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Everyone should have quinoa as a island food choice. It’s a good way to remain regular. 😉

    I’d say forget him. You don’t have time for someone who is obviously 1.) flakey, and 2.) obviously trying to make it seem like he works out.

    • Yes, staying regular is very important when stranded on a desert island…. you don’t want to appear bloated in your bathing suit to ……. oh, that’s right, you’re deserted on a desert island! 😉

      Haha, I might prefer him just trying to make it seem like he works out over being a workout fanatic ….. i mean really, who says those foods?

  2. M Says:

    I knew a guy like this. I faded him to black after he attempted to have variations of the same pointless, dead end conversation over and over. He still tries to initiate contact on occasion. I find it almost amusing. Quinoa, though? Pretty awesome. So versatile and one of the best desserts I ever had was made with it.

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