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No New Furniture For Me May 19, 2013

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Well, to be clear, I mean no hand-made new furniture for me.  You know, the stuff that’s very well crafted and takes about a year and a half for a dining room table.  As I don’t need a dining room table, it’s pretty much a moot point, but whatever.  Today is the day that I am supposed to go to the movies with The Carpenter.  The nice man that I met earlier in the week that seems to like me WAY too much already.  Today is also the day that I sent him an early morning text saying that I have the flu and will have to cancel for today.  Sure, although I want to see the Star Trek movie, do I want to have to dodge roaming hands while doing so?  I just have a feeling that’s what I’d be in store for and while roaming hands on the right guy wouldn’t be so bad, when they’re attached to one that I am not attracted to in the least or have anything in common with, it would just be annoying.  And creepy.

Aside from the lack of attraction factor, I just can’t date someone without a ‘plan’ at my age.  Even if it’s a crappy plan, men really need to have put some thought into what to do if they ever hope to retire.  I don’t need anyone rich.  I don’t need anyone with a highly impressive job.  I do need someone with a plan though.  I can’t be with someone who lives paycheck to paycheck.  I work my ass off at 2 jobs so that I don’t have to live that way.  So that hopefully I’ll be able to retire someday (old and and alone).  I haven’t worked this hard to be able to even consider a day when I don’t have to work just so I can support someone else because they never thought ahead.  Now we all know that for the right guy I would do just about anything and none of this would matter, but for one that’s not ‘right’, then forget it.

Moral of this story?  I guess I’ll stick to store bought furniture.  I don’t think he makes couches anyway, and that’s what I want. 😉

** haha, as an aside, I just got his reply.  apparently he’s not as ‘nice’ as I thought. “The flu eh? See you around.” …… at least I don’t feel like as big a bitch as I would have if he would have been nice in his response


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