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These Things Happen In Threes, Right? May 23, 2013

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Why isn’t it that good things happen in threes?  As far as I know the only things that happen in threes are sneezes and bad things.  I’ve had my 3rd, so I’m assuming that tomorrow is going to be one of the most awesome days ever, right?

1) Nasty-gram received from the ex wife (we’ll call her ‘the bitch’ for now because, well, she’s a bitch) insulting me and accusing me of ridiculous things

2) Got robbed working job #2 this morning.  Unbelievable.  Want to know what the best part is to illustrate how retarded brilliant I am?  I chased after the guy.  He in his POS car, me on foot.  Not quite sure what I thought I was going to do when I caught up to him, but the fact that he saw me coming and blew through a red light in order to speed away saved me from finding out.  At least the cops were nice.  As was my boss.  Too bad I’ll get in trouble for it anyway.  And yes, feel free to laugh at the mere thought of me running after a car (much less running at all).

3) Met The Teacher today!  Yey!  Finally!  He had been growing on me the past couple of days.  Long informative e-mails that he didn’t make me wait 2 days to receive.  I was looking forward to meeting him.  We met at a cute little Mexican place mid-way between he and I.  Total hole in the wall mom & pop place like I love.  We chatted, we ate, we each had a beer.  I told him I was robbed this morning, he told me he was exhausted as today was the last day of school.  He told me about his girls.  I told him about my job.  He asked me why I was still single.  I gave the true response of concentrating too hard on work over relationships paired with the whole bad timing, bad guys schpiel.  What I forgot to tell him was that I totally have my priorities straight now and always make time for those that are important to me.  He was a total gentleman.  Had me walk in front of him (I think so he could check out my ass), held the door open for me, paid the tab, was polite and actually kinda cute and charming.  I was under the apparently mistaken impression that we were having a good time until and hour in, mid sentence, he says ‘well, should we wrap this up and get out of here’?  Uhm…….. I guess he was done with me.  Awesome.  No clue how to read him.  I’m certain I looked surprised when he said that, but I agreed, he paid, he again held the door open for me, he again had me walk in front of him, he gave me a hug at my car, said it was nice meeting me and that he had my number so that now we could text instead of e-mailing and off he went.  Huh.  What the hell did I miss?

Anyway, as that was the 3rd bad thing in a span of 2 days, hopefully I’m done for now.  Or at least the universe is done f*ing with me.  For forever would be nice however I’d settle for just a week.  An entire 7 days of drama free boredom.  Pretty please?


3 Responses to “These Things Happen In Threes, Right?”

  1. M Says:

    Holy crap! Sorry that happened to you but I’m glad you’re ok. I admit chuckling at my visual of you chasing the driving miscreant on foot. In my version, though, he was hit after blowing the red…not injured but stunned and his car was disabled, the police arrested him and you got your property back. Or you would have after whatever legalities ensued. I’ve given this a lot of thought. Clearly, I need a life… and to try to be a nicer person.

    • I’m right there with you ….. woulda been kinda nice had he gotten in an accident (not involving anyone else)….hopefully karma will catch up to him and kick him in the ass

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