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Eating With Strangers May 24, 2013

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Well, since my dating prospects seem to have up and vanished over a year ago and I apparently have neither any mojo or ability to read my ‘dates’ lately, I have opted to settle for my 2nd favorite thing.  Food.  And no, I’m not talking about the Costco sized bag of Doritos that I managed to polish off in 2 days either.  I’m talking about the continuation of Restaurant Week in my city.  I’ve been to 2 amazing restaurants already this week.  One with my twin sister and her fiance who proceeded to grope each other throughout the entire meal and the 2nd was with a meet-up group.  A meet-up group full of people I didn’t know.  Eh, what the hell, if push comes to shove, I can talk to a wall for heaven’s sake so how hard can it be to sit with 12 strangers in order to enjoy an amazing meal?  As it turns out, it wasn’t hard at all.  Sadly, as in all things single related these days, there were 10 women and 2 men.  Meh.  The ladies were great though.  At least the ones at my end of the table.  We were there for close to 3 hours and it was great fun.  Not quite sure why on earth I’m able to talk to people and be the life of the party if it’s a small group and full of no attractive men, but put a cutie in front of me or more than 20 people and I turn into a shrinking violet.  Such an annoying part of my personality.

Anyway, I had a great time.  And there’s one last meet-up event on Saturday for the last day of Restaurant Week at yet another fantastic restaurant that I’ve always wanted to try.  As I’m single, it’s a Saturday night and I have no dating prospects in sight, guess who’s going?  And guess who’s going to go to the outdoor concert right after that with 60 additional people over and above the 10 I’m having dinner with?  And guess who will inevitably entertain the entire table at dinner with ridiculous stories and self deprecating humor?  And who will then proceed to stand off to the side while at the concert and not talk to anyone?  Yea, that would be me.


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