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Why I Now Hate The Word Amazing May 25, 2013

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Oh hell.  What have I done?  I have been trying to schedule myself with work, meet-up events (yes, with strangers) and seeing friends within an inch of my life so I don’t give my mind any time to linger on sad stuff, but today I found myself with nothing to do.  So of course I logged into Match.  That’s never a good thing.  Note to self: Don’t log onto dating sites when you’re feeling sad and bored.  No good will ever come of it.   Actually we can make this another series in my ‘What Not To Do’ course of the ‘do what I say, not what I do’ learning plan.  I’ll list out this helpful reminder for you all.

1) Don’t log onto and dating site when you’re bored

2) If you DO log on, certainly don’t communicate with anyone.

3) If you ignore that piece of advice too, then absolutely don’t respond to some bald guy with a huge smile who has a penchant for capitalizing ‘key’ words in profile.  I don’t mean like ‘Great’, I mean like ‘GREAT’.  Yup, scattered throughout his upbeat and Tony Robbins-esque profile.

4) If you do decide to communicate with this man, certainly don’t set up a date to meet (a coffee date no less)

5) If you send him a text as he requested do not be surprised when he sprinkles the entire thing with ‘AMAZINGS’ and other descriptors that he has no clue if you possess or not (I do, btw, but he doesn’t know that) 😉

I definitely would enjoy meeting you bc you possess AMAZING Energy!! Your smile is infectious! Not like a virus though… LOL.Let’s meet Monday for coffee or a drink and see if we possess AMAZING Chemistry together! I know You are an AMAZING WOMAN. Now just need to see if WE are AMAZING together bc I will not settle for anything less than that for myself or you!!

6) If you ignore every piece of advice that I just gave you, well, you would be me.  Wish me luck tomorrow on my coffee date with the very high energy and somewhat annoying holistic doctor and motivational speaker (2 things of which I am not a fan).

OMG, I certainly hope he doesn’t yell key words when talking to me.  If that’s the case, I may just have to THROW my coffee on him


In other news, I am off for yet another restaurant week meal with strangers tonight …… and then an outdoor concert with even more strangers.  This is either going to be an awesome night, or just plain sad that I’m hanging out with people I don’t know because everyone that I DO know has fun plans with family/husbands/boyfriends this weekend 😦 I won’t even tell you that I am meeting a different group of strangers for breakfast tomorrow.  Damn, now I’m just going to be alone and fat 😉


6 Responses to “Why I Now Hate The Word Amazing”

  1. msjacque2013 Says:

    I’m 41 and single and just started doing things by myself lately. Some of the things I’ve really enjoyed like fishing. What are restaurant meet ups? We have dance meet ups in Chicago but I have yet to attend one of those.

    • Hi there. Go to meetup.com . It’s sort of a social site and there are about a million subset groups targeted towards every interest imaginable! I joined (it’s free) some singles groups, some happy hour groups, some hiking groups & a philanthropic group. It’s a great way to get out and meet people while doing things that you love!!

      • msjacque2013 Says:

        I think I signed up for that! lol But all I get are dance meet ups which are cool but haven’t been courageous enough to sign up for salsa or ballroom dancing by myself!

        Thanks! I will check it out!

        • Look for the groups with the biggest memberships and most ‘upcoming’ events so you know that you’ll have lots of choices! 🙂 I’ve actually started having some fun with it. I choose to go to smaller events over the huge ones as I think it’s easier to meet people in small batches. And I also go in spurts …… I’ve gone to probably 8 in the past 2 weeks, but am not signed up for anything else coming up….

  2. cousin bette Says:

    Please, please take copious notes of this date! I want to share in your pain (enjoy the laugh) when you go through it. Please count how many ‘amazings’ there are. I guess there might also be a few ‘awesomes’. Oh I am already rubbing my hands with glee! Can’t wait for the write up!

    • Of course I will CB! I hold very little hope for this and you’ll find out why when I write all about it (inevitably a scant 15 minutes after the start of our ‘date’). I have a feeling that this one may be record breaking short! 😡 lucky guy…..

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