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I Need To Stop Checking My E-Mails May 28, 2013

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As apparently nothing good ever comes of it.  In addition to receiving yet another fairly scathing e-mail from TD’s ex wife this morning full out attacking me (I guess the veiled insults in her 1st message to me were too taxing, so she just opted to lay them all out there in this latest one), I received an e-mail from The Teacher.  You remember, the one that, mid sentence, says ‘well, let’s wrap this up and get out of here’ (or something like that).  Anyway, he sent me a message this morning telling me all about his weekend.  How he went kayaking with his brother and then helped him with some construction.  How it was a busy & productive weekend.  How he saw otters.  How high the river waters were.  How it’s now time to start his summer resolutions (gym, anyone?).  After filling me in on all that’s happened since our 47 minute long date, he said that although it was nice meeting me, that he didn’t feel that special ‘spark’ and wanted to know if I had.  Uhm, what do you think?

I think it should be illegal for guys that I’m not sure about (or are certain that I don’t like) opt to reject me 1st.  😉



4 Responses to “I Need To Stop Checking My E-Mails”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    He did that to save face because he knew you didn’t “feel” him.

  2. tripletallmocha Says:

    oops my infor was lost 😦

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