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Mirroring May 29, 2013

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You know, that thing that lame dating coaches say we’re supposed to do.  If he calls, you call back.  If he texts, you respond.  If he leans in, you lean in.  For some asinine reason, we are advised against making any ‘first moves’.  As we all know, I rarely (if ever) follow that little tidbit of advice.  As I’m still a bit pissed/sad/upset/shocked that TD’s ex sent me that horrific nastrygram yesterday forbidding me from seeing the kids and basically making me sound like the biggest loser/idiot on the planet (I kinda am), I decided that instead of feeling sorry for myself, I would distract myself.  By going online.  To Match.  To look for my next bad date guys.  Who did I see staring back at me but a darling little ginger with lots of teeth and a great smile!  Ohhhh, I love gingers!  Too bad they don’t love me.  Nor do brunettes.  Or blondes.  Or bald guys apparently.  Anywho, I opted to pull out my old stand by of ‘wink and favorite’.  I sent him a lame wink (which he was notified of) and then added him to my favorites list (which he was notified of).  Although uber lame in comparison to writing an actual message and putting some effort into it, this lets the guy know that I am interested and hopefully he’ll make the 1st move; aka write me.  This particular ginger however, must have read the same dating advice that I did in regards to ‘mirroring’ and apparently thought it was a much better idea than I did.  Why do I say this?  Because moments after I winked at him and added him to my favorites list I got a notification that he winked at me.  And added me to his favorites list.  WTF?


10 Responses to “Mirroring”

  1. Marci Says:

    ….sooooo did you wink back?? kinda like the facebook poke it can go around and around until someone just gets tired of being poked!!

  2. everevie Says:

    Please give in and email him. Just do it!! Guys are so dumb sometimes (sorry guys) so it’s up to us to grab the chicken by the basket…or whatever.

  3. Citygirl Says:

    I second that! Email him, it can’t hurt. Well, the ego may bruise a bit if he doesn’t respond, but I think he will since he winked and made you a favorite after you did it. Everevie is right, guys can be dumb sometimes and chicken to make that first move. Given what you’ve gone through in the last couple of weeks (or longer), what do you have to lose?

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