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Funny Thing About Date Stamps…… June 5, 2013

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So we all know that most some people are less than honest in online dating when photos are involved.  They may ‘think’ they’re being accurate in their presentation of themselves as it’s really them in the photo, however posting a picture from 10 years ago and passing it off as what you look like currently is a bit of a stretch.  While there’s nothing anyone can do about the lovely little tales that online daters present about their non existent personalities, incorrect job descriptions, their love of all things hiking and their apparent ability to be ‘laid back’ in every situation, the picture thing is just annoying.  Sure, not everyone does this, but it seems like more often then not, they do.  At least in my age group (my age group = old).  Why this little post this morning?  I was thinking about The Ginger.  And how excited I was to meet him and how damn adorable I thought he was in his photos.  When a smaller, older version waltzed in to meet me, my heart sank.  No, I’m not entirely superficial (just kinda), but there has to be an attraction and I just couldn’t figure out how I was so far off the mark.  Yesterday I went back to look at his profile and his adorable pictures.  His main pic is what originally caught my attention.  Great smile, great head of red hair, bright eyes …. just cute as hell.  When I clicked on the photo and it expanded the pic from a thumbnail of his face to the full picture I saw that it was a photo of he and his son.  While some will argue that posting pictures of your kids online isn’t right, I actually like it as it shows (or should) that they’re a good dad.  His son is adorable and looks to be about 8 years old in the photo.  Too bad that when we met and were speaking of his kids he told me that his son is 17.  What the hell people?  Post current photos!!!


2 Responses to “Funny Thing About Date Stamps……”

  1. Jolene Says:

    Well I had an experience where I met a guy online, in his profile pic he had a full head of beautiful blonde hair and he said he was athletic………..imagine my surprise when Mr. Athletic was bald and sporting one hell of a beer belly!! The only thing athletic about him was his L.A Dodgers shirt he was wearing.

    • So ridiculous that people think we’ll fall so in love with their personalities before meeting that we’ll overlook/not notice the fact that they’re taller, shorter, fatter, skinnier, older, younger than their pictures show. Ugh! As for your date, on top of everything else, he actually wore and LA Dodgers shirt? Uhm, unless you were actually at a game, that’s no good. 😉

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