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WTH? June 18, 2013

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I realize how difficult online dating can be.  No really, I REALLY KNOW.  It’s tough on your ego.  It’s tough on your sense of self.  It’s tough on your optimism.  It’s makes you question a lot of things:  your looks, your personality, your ability to write a fun and flirty message, your ability to not get disappointed each and every time your prince turns out to be a toad.  It even makes you question your faith in humanity at times.  No, really, it does.  What it cannot do is ever completely extinguish your hope and belief that there IS someone out there for everyone!  Well, everyone but me, that is. 😉 And apparently this guy…….

I think I may just frame this little missive to read every time I get a little too cynical and sad though.  It’s a message I received from some guy with no main photo.  It starts out like it’s going to be a funny approach to ‘I’m not trying, but you’ll like me for the fact that I’m not trying’ approach.  I actually started reading it and was impressed with his little announcement that romance (for him) is dead.  Instead of having that followed by a funny little invitation to look at his profile, see if ‘we have anything in common’ (other than hiking ’cause everyone knows that EVERYONE online supposedly LOVES hiking), I was faced with a bit of a yellow page ad.  A paragraph of self promotion.  No, not for him as a potential date.  Or mate.  Or Mr Right.  Or even Mr Right Now.  It was actually a little advertisement for his business.  WTH?! If I want to find a handyman, I’ll go to a different online site!  Thanks you big idiot!

Hello, I have pretty much given up on the romance side of this match deal. I have not read your profile. I am a handyman that is looking for clients and if something sparks, great, but I don’t expect working for you to lead to anything else. If you need something done around your home, feel free to call. . I spent 15 years as an Aircraft Mechanic and the last 20 as a Rustic Furnishing Artist and Decorator. Fixing things around the home is usually easy. At McDonnell Aircraft one of the positions was in Experimental where the impossible was done daily.
I also have studied alternative therapies, health and wellness for 35 years and can consult in this area also. Most maladies are curable; just not profitable for the Medical Doctors or Big Pharma

I guess as bad as things get for me, I can take comfort in the fact that I’m not this guy …….. geesh


18 Responses to “WTH?”

  1. Jacs Says:

    I do give the guy props for finding a potential niche of clients – single women!! Smarts for him, but bad taste at the same time. Would be a good idea to send if nothing came of your connection but he still wanted to help out. I had a real estate agent do that once lol

    • I don’t post my dating profile on rentals.com so dumbasses should not post their work resumes on dating sites 😉 I just don’t understand the whole giving up before you even try it thing ……

  2. Holy….you have to give him one for originality I suppose…

  3. 1smiles Says:

    Well, there’s a new approach. Hahahaha.

  4. M Says:

    I’ve received similar emails from a “photographer” and a “promoter”. Kinda wanted to ask them both if they were serious and/or if that non-approach approach works for them. Then I decided I didn’t care enough to bother.

  5. Jolene Says:

    wow…. I would have directed him to career builder or craigslist!!!

  6. Matthew Says:

    This MUST become a thing. Imagine. Dog Walkers. Pool Boys. Personal Chefs.

    “I can do ______, and if we fall in love, then you can stop paying me.”

  7. SillyG Says:

    That is too flipping funny! …I need a handyman.
    GG, I hate how online dating does that shit to people. Its so crappy.

    • I’ll send you his contact information 😉 And yes, it does suck how online dating seems to suck the soul out of people 😦

      • SillyG Says:

        Swear I am trying extra hard to like this date I picked up on my invisible sweep of the tailings pond so I can avoid it for as long as I can.

        • he sounds like he’s worth a shot ……….. don’t tell anyone, but I’m just about ready to give up ……. and join a nunnery 😦

          • SillyG Says:

            he looks too good on paper not to give him a whirl. He is like the 1% here that does not list “sledding, country music and my truck” in list of interests.
            …but serious, a nunnery. men go for that shit!

            • haha …. I can’t even find a man that I want to kiss (or that wants to kiss me) …….. hopefully your Architect will turn out to be that shiny penny in the pile of rusted coins

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