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Same Shit, Different Day or …….. Did You Really Just Say That? July 14, 2013

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So my profile has been un-hidden on Match for a little over a week now.  And I am already annoyed.  Why?  Not because inappropriately aged men are contacting me.  Not even because ZZ Top look alikes are contacting me.  Not even because they even sent me a ‘match’ today that had his nose pierced.  Twice.  Up front.  With hoops.  Like a bull.  Lucky me.  Needless to say, I passed on the opportunity to start up a chat with him.

There was a very cute guy who winked at me probably about a month ago.  After reading his profile and finding that we actually had a lot in common, I responded not with my usual ‘you do all the work’ wink back, but with a cute little message.  Of course, I never heard back from him.  Whatever.  Until yesterday.  When he sent me a wink again.  So either he’s just an idiot with a memory worse than mine and doesn’t recall that he already winked at me (no clue how he managed to send a 2nd one, btw) or he’s got multiple profiles up and isn’t actually a member so just winks at everyone.  There’s also option C.  That he’s just a dick and knows exactly what he’s doing.  Fine, I can play too.  I winked back.  Too bad there is no option to flip someone off on there.  I’d promise to keep everyone posted on what happens, but I’m pretty sure that will be a big, fat nothing.

After I got done scratching my head about that guy, I read a message from someone else.  Someone who I am quite certain is lying about his age, but as he ‘says’ he’s actually 4 years younger than I am, I’m hoping that he’s actually not over 50.  He looks like a nice, white bread, boring kinda guy.  And he knew my name.  WTF?  He said we had corresponded briefly when he 1st joined about 2 years ago.  I was kinda impressed that he remembered not only my face (all new pics, thank you very much), but my name.  Again we’ve got a few options to choose from here.  He’s either a stalker, an idiot savant, a very nice man with a very good memory, or he keeps a spreadsheet.  As the message he wrote me was pleasant enough, I figured I’d respond.  I was very nice and complimented him on his terrific memory.  I also complimented him on his profile (as it was well written).  In response, I got an explanation that no, he doesn’t actually keep a spread sheet, but just took a guess (really?).  Along with that I got the amazing statement/question/insult of “wow.  You’ve been on here a long time.  What’s the deal?  There are nice guys on here.”  Uhm, I can now see why we only corresponded briefly back then and never met.  Are you kidding me?  I will write him back and say that yes, although I have been on for half a lifetime, I’ve only been ‘active’ on there for a quarter of a lifetime and just because someone is ‘nice’ doesn’t mean that they’re ‘right’.  For me.

And just for the record, I kinda think nice guys are temporarily out of stock where I live.  Just sayin’ …….  Oy, and I just went back to look at his profile and in his main pic, he’s throwing a sideways ‘peace’ sign.  Uhm …… I’m speechless….


2 Responses to “Same Shit, Different Day or …….. Did You Really Just Say That?”

  1. And who exactly is he pointing fingers at if he was on and is now back on again…just saying. Men….

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