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Ahhhh, So That’s Why You’re Single ….. July 15, 2013

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So in regards to the double standard guy that wanted to know what was wrong with me since I’ve been on Match for just as long as he has been, I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out why he’s still on there.  Let’s start by saying that throughout his profile essay and mentioned twice in his messages, ‘he’s a total gentleman’.  Er, okay.  Also mentioned in his messages to me is ‘that women are only after money and won’t give anyone the time of day unless they’re loaded’.  Yes, that’s a direct quote.  I had a feeling from his 1st message to me asking why I had been on there so long that he might have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, but as I’m trying (no really, I am) to not jump to conclusions, I let it slide.  After the message letting me know that women are all money-grubbers, I opted to respond by saying that he sounded a bit cynical of this whole process and that he needs to remain optimistic.  He shouldn’t attribute the character of some women to all women as there are some very good women to be found online.  Duh………me, for instance. 😉

He had also stated that although he doesn’t ‘offer up’ a lot of information about himself, he’s an open book and to ask anything I wanted.  As I really didn’t want to know much of anything about him as my interest was waning, I opted to ask him about the big ole’ tattoo he has on one of his beefy arms (and by beefy, I mean flabby and pale).  It appears to be a ginormous rose with the name ‘Rosemary’ emblazoned across the center of it.  In the caption of the photo he said it was a tribute to his mother’s 76th birthday (she must be so proud).  Or he must have been trying to get a better stake in the will.  Whatever.

So pretty much my response was about remaining optimistic in his search, letting him know that I was the same way as far as not offering up much information but he was welcome to ask anything he wanted (within reason) and I would respond honestly, and to mention that my mother hated my tattoos and is still trying to wipe them off with spit every time I see her.  Not so horrible right?

Did I mention that Match has this total coward option of clicking some ‘no thank you’ link and an automated message gets sent to the person saying he wasn’t interested.  In all my many years on Match, I’ve only gotten that canned response a few times and only after I winked at someone or sent an introductory (and of course, amazingly funny and charming) 1st message.  NEVER have I gotten one when I was actually communication with someone.  Well guess what appeared in my e-mail folder last night?  That f*ing automated message.  I really can’t think of anything ruder.  Or dumber.  ‘Cause since we’d exchanged messages already, I was still able to message him.  And I did.  Don’t worry, it was very nice …….. oh wait, no it wasn’t.  It basically let him know that most mature adults would send a quick one line saying ‘thanks but no thanks’ or ‘sorry, I don’t think we have enough in common’ or whatever and that no one had ever sent me that canned message before.  I think I may have also called him a coward and rude.  And let him know that if he thought sending that instead of a polite kiss off was anything close to ‘gentlemanly’, then I could fully understand why we never met 2 years ago and why he was still on there.

Yup, I’m a bitch.  Oh, and then I blocked his flabby ass ……. 😉 Don’t worry, as my karmic ‘reward’ a very handsome man who I was messaging back and forth with failed to respond to my last message.  Was it worth the karmic demerits to put that guy in his place?  I kinda think so.  It’s all well and good if you’re just a dick and rude, but don’t claim to be ‘good hearted’, ‘thoughtful’, and ‘a total gentleman’ if you’re not.  Sorry folks; not a big fan of hypocrites.  Or of men that I’m about to tell that I’m not interested in (only I would have done it in a totally polite way), beating me to the punch.  Rudely.



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