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Does It Still Count As My Decision If No One Asks? August 8, 2013

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It seems to have been a while since my last post.  I fear that is because I have no clue what to write about in an internet dating blog if I’m not actually internet dating.  Or dating at all for that matter.  There are several reasons behind this decision to take a much-needed break (and certainly a longer break than the 2 weeks I usually take before giving in and throwing a profile back online):

1) It’s too damn hot here in the summer to try to look/dress pretty

2) I’ve been really busy with work

3) That 10 pounds I gained a few months ago has suspiciously increased to 15

4) I’m lazy

5) I’m disenchanted with the whole thing

6) The last guy I communicated with had a very morbid ‘identifier’ (you know, the thing you say to make someone to realize who you are ~ mine would be ‘bitchy tall blonde’ 😉 ….. his had to do with the death of his wife and kids), and left me no hope of ever being able to compete with someone’s ghost (plus it made me sad every time I talked to him and hell if I need help in that department)

7) My twin sister is getting married this weekend and although I wish I could be all excited and happy for her, she’s turned into a bit of a bridezilla and is treating the occasion as if it were some sort of royal event and it’s put me in a piss poor mood

8) The thought of fielding a weekend full of ‘why are you still single’ and ‘why aren’t you dating anyone’ has put me in a shit mood for  weeks now

9) That dreaded day where I debate whether or not to change my blog name to reflect my ever-increasing age is next week and I can’t, for the life of me, think of one amazing (or even mediocre) thing I’ve accomplished in the past year

10) I’m having surgery at the end of the month and no-one should be subjected to my pre-operative freak outs (or think they’re dating a decrepit 90-year-old)

So for the above reasons, among many more, I took all of my online dating profiles down almost a month ago.  And have gotten some pretty enticing discount offers in my e-mail to come back again.  I guess they’re running short on tall blondes with bad attitudes. 😉   Whilst I try to figure out the many question marks that are my reality, I figure I’ll give the men of my town a break and not involve them in things that I probably wouldn’t let them ‘into’ anyway. 😉

Here’s my real question though.  Does it still count as my decision to stop dating even though no one has asked me out in months ……… and months?


22 Responses to “Does It Still Count As My Decision If No One Asks?”

  1. It counts…totally. Taking a break from it all is a good thing. Feel better xox

  2. TikkTok Says:

    Yes, of course!

  3. Patti Says:

    Yes, it still counts as your decision!

  4. SillyG Says:

    meh. you decided not to put out the ‘ask me out’ vibe. all your doing 🙂

  5. JennyExiled Says:

    Yes! Feel empowered. I’m totally in the “dating sucks” camp at the moment. My only profile is on OkCupid and it’s free, so I didn’t take it down. But I told everyone I was currently seeing (and or not seeing, but still communicating) that I was on a break. I’ve no idea how long that break will last, but probably into September at least. I’m considering adding some sort of “on hiatus” message to my profile, but I figured men would just ignore it the way they ignore much of what is written there. Hmm… do I sound bitter? 😉

    • Sadly easy to fall into the ‘dating sucks’ mindset …… haha on the adding the message on your profile ….. unless it’s printed across the front of your low cut shirt, you’re right, the men probably won’t see it 😉

  6. SophiaOnline Says:

    I’ve taken a break from dating and I’m also 43. It seems guys are more interested in the “fake it to make it” babes than the down to earth ones. Don’t give up, the worthy one is yet to come your way and when it happens you’ll know it. hang in there 🙂

    • Hi Sophia. Well, as of this week, I am officially 46 now (yes, 3 years of online dating). Thanks for the encouraging words as sadly, no one gave me a handsome, kind, caring single man who worships the ground that I walk on as a gift. 😉

      • SophiaOnline Says:

        Hahaha! I feel you. I was seeing some who happens to be a divorcee like myself but when a guy isn’t completely healed from his divorce, it can be ugly. I got so much of his anger and had to call if off. I’m enjoying my break and focusing on loving and pampering myself more. I believe love will come at the right time…seen it happen to a friend recently…so I’m just chilling and hoping for the best! :-). Keep hanging in there…

  7. EM Says:

    I have been on POF and OK Cupid for a few years and I just recently hid both of my profiles. I was starting to think what is wrong with me? But honestly I am actually wondering if the guys on these sites actually want to date, some of them have been on there awhile too. The only requests I get are from men who want to hook up. Another reason I have decided to give up on these sites is the fact that I just ended a friendship with a guy I was hoping would want to date me, pathetic right! It only took me three years to see the light, and the kicker is he says he does not want to date anyone and then I saw he was on POF looking for dates, another reason I need a break from the dating page. Like you, I feel I am attractive, funny, intelligent, etc. What gives? Not all of us are lucky in love I guess and we need to find some peace in the fact that it’s ok to be single and that does not mean there is anything wrong with us.

    • Thanks for the comment EM! Breaks are good and much needed from online dating. Allows us to re-evaluate who we are and what we’re looking for. 🙂 Plus it’s good to get away from all the douchebags. 😉 Never lose hope!!!

  8. SillyG Says:

    hey gg. all good?

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