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Spam October 20, 2013

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Nope, not the questionable food product that comes in the little can.   I’m talking about those amazing e-mails that manage to slip past your filters and land in your in-box.  Thankfully my spam filters manage to catch the majority of messages regarding penile implants, hot sex and dirty phone calls.   What they don’t catch, thanks to my own sordid past in this arena, are the multiple ‘specials’ that get sent to me by every dating website on the planet.  Really, I brought it on myself, but there’s got to be a limit, ya’ know.  They’re kinda like the sad little man who asks and asks and asks if you want to go out and once you finally think you have him convinced that you’re never going out with him, he asks again.  I probably get 2 e-mails a week from each dating site.  I’ve pretty much promised myself that I will NEVER go on e-harmony again.  That I will NEVER torture myself on J-Date and that I will probably NEVER go on match again.  At least not now. 😉 These offers they keep sending me are quite tempting though.  A month’s membership would pretty much equal the cost of 2 cocktails (paid by someone else, of course) ;-).  I actually had someone tell me that I wasn’t cut out for online dating.  Uhm, does that mean I’m hideous?  Apparently the websites must be desperate for tall, uncoordinated, blonde women with bad attitudes.  I think I’ll just tease them a little bit longer 😉

Instead of online dating, speed dating, ramming my shopping cart into those of single men in the frozen food aisle at my local grocery store or hanging out at sordid darkly lit bars by myself, I’ve opted to go the route of meet-up lately.  And have actually scheduled myself to within an inch of my life next month.  I really think the whole concept of meetup is pretty awesome.  There is always something to do!  There are hundreds of different groups.  Some as random as happy hour and movie groups.  Some as specific as tree climbers that like to stand on one foot facing west on alternate Tuesdays.  Of course, I opt for the previous category.  I belong to about 8 groups.  Some I go to regularly, some I go every blue moon.  I tend to gravitate to the social happy hour, restaurant and bar events (go figure).  My new BFF is a meet-up fan as well so it’s like having a built-in wingman!  Although some of the groups I belong to are targeted towards singles, it’s such a casual and fun atmosphere that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all.  Have I met the man of my dreams through meetup?  Uh, no.  Not even close.  I’ve met a ton of cool people though and it’s nice to know that if I get bored on a Wednesday afternoon, there’s always something to do. 🙂


10 Responses to “Spam”

  1. Fun Philly Says:

    Ok, u got my attention, what’s a meet up?

  2. Dawn Says:

    Maybe you’ll have so much fun meeting cool new people…and stop looking for the man of your dreams, he’ll appear out of no where and knock your socks off. That’s how it works…right?

  3. The meet-up is a good way. You might not meet the man of your dreams. In fact, I usually end up meeting really neat women at these events. There was one time that I belonged to a dating club and became best friends with a woman I met there. Sorry to say I didn’t meet any neat guy. As for the letting go and having Prince Charming appear, well that seems like I usually met the significant others in my life. But then I was much younger then…or is it, as Bob Dylan said, I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now:)

    • Thanks Carol! Haven’t met any Prince Charmings yet thru meetup (did meet one ‘fixer-upper’ though and I ran in the other direction), but have met lots of terrific men & women and done a lot of fun stuff.

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