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A Day In The Life …… November 12, 2013

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So happy hours seem to be my not so new hobby.  And I’m damn good at them.  🙂 I’m still going the meet-up route, but thanks to a bum knee, I can’t actually ‘do’ much of anything.  Thank goodness my ancient joints don’t prevent me from balancing on a bar stool.  Funny thing about my love of all things happy hour.  Eating and drinking at fun establishments several times a week while being able to do little to no excercise makes you gain weight.  Huh.  Who knew? 😉 I’ve whined and moped and claimed to have ‘tried everything’ to take it back off, but truth be told, although I did re-join a gym 3 weeks ago, I have yet to actually go there.  Whoopsie.  Note to self: get off ass and get back in shape.

I’ve also found a new super-power at all these happy hours.  Sadly, it’s not my ability to eat and drink like I did in college and not gain an ounce.  Nor is it my ability to attract hoards (no, not whores) of men tripping over themselves to get my number and ask me out.  Although I do have a crazy ability to talk to most anyone in a small crowd and go out of my way to make everyone (aside from myself) comfortable, I still remain a ginormous wallflower in large groups. 

So what’s this new super power that I’ve discovered?  It’s my ability to fix people up.  Yey me.  Not really.  Funny that while I’m pairing people up (and quite well, I might add) and outwardly encouraging said pairings, I remain my somewhat bitter, somewhat jealous, somewhat selfish self.  And no one can tell!

Last week I set up an older couple.  This week I set up my new bff.  Apparently I didn’t think that one all the way through as what the heck am I supposed to do should said couple really hit it off.  I’ll be left to fend for myself again.  Crap. Just kidding.  Kind of.

Those of you that haven’t sworn off reading my whiny shit have been here a while may remember that I used to post my horror-scopes on here.  I usually wait until the end of the day in order to see how ‘accurate’ they were.  Sometimes they’re creepily accurate, other times, not so much.  Although I don’t really believe in them, they’re fun to read.  And usually a tad more accurate than my Magic 8 Ball.  Here’s today’s:

You will have the important opportunity to inspire someone today, Leo. You are a natural motivator. You know all the right things to say, and you are great at pumping up the attitudes and self-confidence of other people. Sometimes, though, you don’t always do the same thing for yourself. While you can clearly see the good character traits, talents, and skills of other people, you sometimes don’t see yourself in such a dazzling light. But you have quite a lot to offer. And the one you need to inspire to reach for a dream today is – YOU.

And damn if that’s not what I spent a majority of my day doing.  Building up a friend of mine.  Making sure he knows how awesome he is and how much he has to offer.  Listening to him whine and complain about ‘girl problems’.  Only offering suggestions/opinions/advice when asked for.  Crazy horror-scope person somehow knows that I need to aim some of that motivation and confidence inward.  Go figure.

So today was the day.  Today was the day that I went to the gym.  Today was the day that I’m attempting to start getting my shit in gear.  Today is the day that I promise myself to stop being so envious of everyone.  Today is the day that I stop comparing myself to others.  Today is the day that I eat totally healthy and cut out alcohol.  It usually takes me a proverbial ‘wall hitting’ to get this point where I just put my mind to something and do it.  Today was the day.  At least until my new happy hour on Thursday. 😉


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  1. Go for it!! And good luck 🙂

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