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Does Just Saying The Word Make It So? February 2, 2014

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So I met a guy a few weeks before my surgery.  I was out for Happy Hour (my not so new favorite past time) with a friend and I noticed a guy sitting a few seats away from us that kept looking over in our direction.  As I am the last person to ever pick up on anyone’s interest in me, I didn’t think much of it and just assumed he was bored and trying to listen in on our stellar conversation (most likely about our sad lack of love lives).  Anyway, after several hours, as we’re about to leave, he comes up to me and asks if he can buy me a drink.  Well you know my love of all things alcoholic, but this guy waited 2+ hours to make the offer and I had to work in the morning, so I politely declined.

A couple weeks later, I get an e mail from him.  What?  Oh, that’s right, apparently we had a mutual friend there.  So he e-mails me and asks if I’d like to meet for a drink so he can ‘flirt’ with me.  Huh.  I respond with a ‘sure, love to’ and proceed to give him my availability for the coming week.  He responds the next day saying that I should pick a day when I don’t have to work the next day so that he can ‘flirt’ with me and asks when I’m available.  Uhm, I wanted to respond with ‘refer to previous e mail’, but didn’t.  Instead I sent my availability AGAIN to him and told him to just pick the time and place and I’d be there.  He responded back a 3rd time and managed to fit the word ‘flirt’ in the message.  Yet still didn’t pick a time or a place.  Hello?  Am I on Candid Camera?

We exchanged a couple more message, but as I never actually used the word ‘flirt’ in my responses, I guess he lost interest as we never ended up meeting.

Here’s my questions.  Does he think that it’s actually flirting to just plop the word ‘flirt’ into every conversation?



13 Responses to “Does Just Saying The Word Make It So?”

  1. Cousin Bette Says:

    As we say in the UK, the guy’s a knob. NEXT!

  2. Dawn Says:

    He was trying to see if you would dirty talk with him. Funny stuff though.

  3. SillyG Says:

    I have pretty much come to the conclusion that 99% of men have no idea what to say to women. idiots.

  4. I think I dated this guy many, many years ago. He was the one who told me I was the one. And then – ooops! – he accidentally said one day, “I know my kids love me more because they climb over her to get to me in the morning.”

    Wait. Why is she there? Oh. You are still married. Bye bye.

    “We” is a significant slip. He may as well be in Nigeria asking you to help him build his London bridge.

    • Oy, I hate when the morons screw it up for the dwindling few good ones out there. What a douche! I’m so sorry that happened to you. Not only a liar and a cheat, but a stupid one! Glad you can laugh about it now…

  5. […] this guy showed up again a couple of weeks ago.  After months and months of nothing, there he was.  I […]

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