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‘We’ Isn’t Always A Good Thing….. February 7, 2014

Filed under: internet dating — Grey Goose, Dirty @ 9:49 pm

I’ve got cute dogs, so why not make them earn their keep by being social (and hopefully not peeing on anyone’s leg).  One of my meetup groups posted a fun evening out where everyone gathers with their dog(s) at a great outdoor venue in the evening with chairs, blankets, refreshments, etc…. and they show a movie on a big outdoor screen!  How cute an idea is that?!  As it’s a month away and hopefully I’ll be hobbling along well enough to maneuver this outing, I RSVPd and in the comments posted which of my dogs I would be bringing.  A not-so-shabby looking fellow posted after me saying which of his dogs he was bringing and asked me a question.  Hmmmmm, we could be on to something.  His meetup profile was decent, he could spell properly, he’s obviously a dog lover and was smart enough to strike up a conversation with me. 😉 We banter back and forth a couple of times regarding our dogs and his last post was that he was bringing his Schnoodle, but ‘we’ also have a terrier mix as well.

Oh.  Well that’s never good.  ‘We’ could mean so many different things.  He has a room-mate, he has a girlfriend, he is married (this isn’t a singles group) or maybe he’s gay.  Then again, it could have nothing to do with him being in a relationship.  It could just mean that he lives with his parents and was talking about the family dogs.  Oh, wait …………. *sigh*


16 Responses to “‘We’ Isn’t Always A Good Thing…..”

  1. SillyG Says:

    nice! i love meetup. just wish there were more than 10 groups in my city…. lets see should i go meditate with the two crazy ladies or join the social group that appears to have the same six 50+ ladies and the obviously way overly social organizer man bowling and going for sunday brunch. gawd I gotta get out of this shithole. oh wait, this is your post, not mine 😀
    That sounds pretty fun gg

    • I’m not all that keen on dating at the moment (plus don’t think a 46 year old with a severe limp, bad attitude and inability to do anything for more than 25 minutes without needing an ice pack or a nap is that hot a property), so I still do the meetup thing. I was surprised when a decent looking guy communicated with me so I figured, why not? Oy, your meetup choices sound stellar!! 😉

      • SillyG Says:

        Oh GG. I sure hope this heals fast as possible for you. so it doesn’t keep you down and out. Get it on the dating (except for the just had surgery part), I have had zero energy for that this last year even though I have tried to put on the smile.

        And thats the nice thing about meet-up, isn’t finding a date. But a place where one could get surprised. …and yep, a city of 200,000 is really small sometimes

        • The only thing I’m certain of with this f*ing surgery is that it take FOREVER to recover and heal. Such a horrid experience this has been. Ugh. You’ve done quite well for yourself as far as dating goes – maybe not in quality, but you certainly don’t seem to have any challenges meeting hotties. 😉 Just remember, for every tool, you’re one idiot closer to finding a good one!

  2. TikkTok Says:

    Um, erg. Did he clarify?

    • Nope, after his ‘we’ post, I just posted ‘we’ (meaning me and my dog) look forward to meeting you both (meaning he and his dog). Of course I’m well aware both ‘we’s can be taken in various ways. As I suck, that was totally intentional 😉

  3. Dawn Says:

    Well…it will be interesting to see how this turns out. What a great idea for a meet up group. We so need something like this here. I’m desperate to meet some single people.

    • We’ll have to wait a month, but I’ll let you know! You don’t have meetup where you live? I thought they were all over. It’s group with about 5 thousand sub-groups that you can join. They’re all targeted at different interests: hiking groups, networking groups, happy hour groups, singles groups, animal lovers, people who like to stand on one foot facing south on alternate tuesdays groups, etc….. of course I like the happy hour groups and social groups the best 🙂 check out meetup.com and see if there isn’t anything like that around you.

      • Dawn Says:

        The problem is there isn’t any close to us. We have plenty in the city…but that’s a little far for us suburban ladies.
        Maybe we need to start our own.

  4. Matthew Says:

    Of anything, that sort of situation could be a good [better] way to meet hopefully more normal [stable] men. Unless a guy has trained his dogs to eat the bones of his failed dates you know dog people are good people.

  5. Maybe he is a twin? I always say we when I mean me. Just an old twin habit. Maybe he considers his schnoodle to be a kid and the we meant he and the schnoodle. I’ve done that before with my cats , “we are just going to stay home, watch a movie, and relax”… Just a few other options to add to your list. 😉

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