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Drunk, Married or Just Plain Weird? March 24, 2014

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So, this guy showed up again a couple of weeks ago.  After months and months of nothing, there he was.  I figured out it had been Thanksgiving since we’d last wasted time conversing.  I know this because the title of the last e-mail string, which he just added on to, was ‘Happy Thanksgiving’.  I’m quite the super sleuth, I know.  He apologized for his long absence and seemed to have a valid reason, so I let it slide.  As I was bored to tears and still house bound, I opted to respond.  Lucky him.  Of course, his first message to me contained his favorite word.  After I was finished banging my head against the wall at the odd placement and total inappropriateness of ‘that’ word in the context, I figured meh, I could use some practice flirting, so what’s the harm?  We messaged back and forth for several hours.  When I say ‘messaged’, I mean e-mailed.  He seems to have an aversion to texting.  I even asked him if we could switch to text as he was sending so many e-mails ‘conversationally’ that I was losing some as they were getting overlapped.  He opted out of texting (weird).  This would make the 2nd time I’ve given him my number and he hasn’t used it.  Anyway, I haven’t actually flirted with anyone in a long long time, so it was good to see that I was able to still do it.  Yey me!  He was very complimentary and sweet.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I explained about my knee and the fact that I’ve gained probably 20 lbs since he last saw me (thank you knee).  He said it didn’t matter.  That I had sparkling eyes and a captivating smile.  Or was it the other way around?  No matter, as I was having a bad day, any compliments and niceties were much appreciated.

I wondered if he was ever going to get around asking me out as he failed to do so last year.  Well, he didn’t disappoint.  He asked! As I had warned him about my limp, my cane, my larger than normal ass and everything else and he still wanted to see me, I figured why not.  He was being soooo nice.  We continued on with our flurry of e-mails stopping just short of his making a definite plan (time, place), but assured me he would ‘pick well’.  Of course, I told him I had every faith in him to pick a good place and that it was the company, not the location, that made for a nice evening (see? I can be nice!).  One of his last messages to me that night was to inquire if my knee injury prevented me from kissing.  Er, what?  Okay, I figured this was all part of the ‘flirting’ thing, so went along with it.  I said that although I hadn’t tried since surgery, I certainly hoped not!

And that was that.  Never got another response from him.  As it was late at night, I figured he just fell asleep and I would hear from him the next day.  Guess not.  It’s been 2 weeks and he has again fallen off the face of the earth.  I just don’t get it.  Why contact me again after so long?  Why ask me out if he had no intention of following through?  I came up with a few possibilities.  One being that he’s married (thus the communication via e-mail instead of text).  Two being that he was just drunk and when he sobered up the next day he opted out.  Three being that he’s just a putz.


17 Responses to “Drunk, Married or Just Plain Weird?”

  1. racheve Says:

    Please please don’t give him the time of day again despite how bored you are! He is just an idiot guy for whom there is no reasoning to their weird and annoying behaviour!

  2. I’m gonna have to go with all of the above. Hope you knee heals soon.

  3. Dawn Says:

    I’m going to say you may be right about the married. He’s lonely and looking for some affection via internet…if he was interested he would be using your number.
    I get being bored…and I know sometimes just having a little bit of attention beats none at all, but I would say the next time he emails you, tell him to piss off.
    If he’s interested he’ll call/text. If you are just a game…he will play via email but DON’T play back.
    Just my opinion.

  4. annie Says:

    my first thought was married, before you even suggested that. I’m guessing that’s it. uugghhh. Either that or he is just ridiculously socially retarded. Either way, not a good catch. Anyways, hope the knee is doing better.

  5. Kay BeeBee Says:

    Drunk married and a complete putz I would say x

  6. Putz would be my call…

  7. my thought, he’s married. Only messages when he needs an ego boost. Tell him to kick rocks!

  8. SophiaOnline Says:

    He may just be a player looking for someone to while away time with. Don’t give him any attention going forward. Who you truly deserve will never play with your heart…hang in there!

  9. Amy peppermintsea.com Says:

    Blugh! Forget him!! But it is indeed all good practice. don’t take it seriously.

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