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Cost Benefit Analysis April 27, 2014

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So we all know that my main objective in diving (okay, wading) back into the online dating pool is in order to find ‘my one’.  The one person that I love and cherish.  The one that I want to talk to first when something fun or sad or silly happens.  The one that will stand by me through good and bad.  The one I can take care of.  And, hopefully, the one that can help me fix stuff.  Not in a weird Stuart Smalley, ‘you’re a good person’ sorta way, but fix actual stuff – like change out a faucet or hang window blinds.  You know, the really important stuff.

We also know that my way of measuring my success is to see if I can recoup the money I spent on the membership to whichever online dating site has a monkey throwing darts at the wall on any given day in order to declare that they’ve found my ‘perfect’ match. 

I rejoined E-Harmony last week.  Couldn’t have chosen a worse time as I’m moving, I’m still a gimp, I’m stressed beyond belief and I fear I am still more than a little jaded by what one professed friend did to my psyche and self confidence.  In I went regardless and have met 2 gentleman so far.  The 1st I have gone out with twice.  Both to terrific dinners.  Nothing fancy, but really cool places with great food.  We text back and forth and he’s funny.  The 2nd I’ve met just once for dinner.  Again, nothing fancy, but a really yummy place.

Are either of them ‘my one’?  Not as of yet.  They are both very nice.  Neither made fun of my inability to walk like a normal human being yet.  Both were very complimentary and told me what great company I am.  Therein lies the bane of my existence – I AM great company.  I can make anyone feel at ease and talk about the most random things.  I laugh often and, believe it or not as I don’t always show it on here, I am a fairly positive and upbeat person.  I try to keep my ‘shit’ to myself and not make anyone feel uncomfortable.  So yes, I’m a pretty damn good date.  And that’s why I have more ‘friends’ than I do men chasing me around town.  I will give either of them, or both, a chance although I think bachelor #2 might have more in common with a good friend of mine who is also on E-Harm.  Yes, I’m all about recycling. 😉

Anywho, back to this highly scientific cost benefit analysis.  E-Harm sent me an insanely cheap off.  3 months for $8.95 per month.  That’s $26.85 for those mathematically challenged people.  If I subtract 3 dinners and 1 glass of wine, I’m already in the black!  Yey me! 

And, for the record, no, I don’t go out just for free food.  I can cook for myself.  And, if there was absolutely NO chance for the guy, I would offer to pay half.  Both gentlemen were raised right though – although we were still talking when the checks were dropped, both guys automatically reached for the check and slid it to their side of the table.  I just love good manners! 😉

Oh, and because I know most of you are more interested in ‘the details’ rather than the details, I have not kissed either of them.  I’ve not kissed anyone since TD.   That’s a long time to go without kissing anyone ya’ know….


13 Responses to “Cost Benefit Analysis”

  1. SillyG Says:

    Kiss someone dammit!

  2. Amy peppermintsea.com Says:

    Hehe, that’s one way of looking at it…. Actually, come to think of it, when my (now) husband moved in, he fixed about £100 worth of stuff (ie saving me from buying new) so he’s been pretty cost effective already! 🙂

  3. Well, now you’ve done it. You’ve sucked ME back into eHarmony, and I haven’t been on for years! I figure $26.85 is less than the $62 I wasted on Match a few months back. Here goes! At least you know I’m suffering along with you. 😉

  4. Good to know I’m a commodity for the ladies. 😉

    That’s how I knew last date wasn’t interested. I bought first drinks, but she insisted on buying another round. Not because she wanted to spend more time, just to make things even. I dislike the whole thing about it being a trade.

    • Haha, you’re more than a commodity. 😉 I’m not so sure she bought that second round just because she wanted to make things even. If she wasn’t having a good time, she would have just gotten up and left after the 1st round. No need to ‘even things out’. I think she was a) either just being nice or b) did want to get to know you better and/or spend more time with you. Think positively, my friend!

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