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2 Sides To Every Coin July 11, 2014

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‘My’ Reality:

1) Met a great guy online
2) He told me wonderful things about me
3) He liked me
4) We had a great time together
5) We talked easily and for hours
6) Circumstances beyond his control overwhelmed him
7) He cancelled his online dating membership (thus the greyed out picture)
8) I will hear from him again
9) I will find out if we’re a good fit or not

‘The’ Reality
1) I met a great guy online
2) He told me wonderful things about me
3) He might have liked me, just not enough
4) We had fun together
5) We talked easily and for hours
6) His dad got sick
7) He blocked me online so he could continue ‘shopping’ without my seeing
8) I will never hear from him again
9) He just wasn’t that into me 😦

While I do believe about his dad, I don’t think he’d have cut me off completely if he were still remotely interested. Doesn’t everyone need someone to lean on at times like this? The fact that there were no ‘fluffy’ sentiments in his last message to me kind of supports the fact that he’s just lost interest. Not sure why he told me he’d contact me when things calmed down though. Just like I’m not sure why he said he’d call when he didn’t. Also not sure why I keep believing everything that guys tell me… 😦


10 Responses to “2 Sides To Every Coin”

  1. Rookienotes Says:

    Forget him.

  2. ABC Says:

    People make up stories, ‘my dad’s sick’ ‘the sky fell in’ ‘A giant leopard ate my phone’ & so on often because it feels less awkward than saying the cold hard truth of ‘I’m not that interested in you’. Actually I think a lot of the time they do it so as not to hurt your feelings with the truth. I think this kind of thing is very common in online dating & one of the reasons it didn’t work for me. Having said that I have just had 5 colleagues in my department get married, all having met their other half on line!

    • Thanks ABC. I’m sure he did it so as not to hurt my feelings, I just wish he would have left out the ‘I’ll contact you when things calm down’ and the ‘talk to you later’ part. If I’m dumped, I’m dumped, so just end it with something that I can’t grab onto and hold out hope with. I hate all this. It would be so much simpler if people would just say ‘I’m sorry, but I changed my mind/don’t think we click/blah blah blah’ ….

  3. I’m afraid you are right, he was just “not that into you” – I know guys say things but actions really do speak louder than words sometimes. I was in your situation a year or so ago, I had a big rethink about my approach to dating, why I was attracting such awful men. I read the book “Are you the one for me?” which was wonderful, and really helped me see where I was going wrong, it also helped me list what I was looking for in a partner. A week after writing the list, I met a man online and we married 10 months later. He wasn’t my normal type, and I think without that time of reflection and drawing up the list, I might not have recognised that he was the one for me. He’s the love of my life 🙂 There’s lots more about this here http://peppermintsea.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/what-are-you-looking-for-in-a-partner/ if you are interested. Good luck!! Amy

    • Thanks Amy. I’ll take a peek. The Unicorn was different than anyone I’d dated before and I really did believe everything he told me. I’m not a game player, so if I like a guy and he claims up and down (and acts as if) he likes me, then I let him know. I usually play my cards pretty close to my chest, but didn’t think I needed to with this one thanks to all that he was saying/doing. Oh well, live and learn….

  4. Cheryl Says:

    I would change #1 on your list – he’s not a great guy. Instead of telling you the truth, he’s leading you on, and he must know that it’s giving you false hope. Move on and don’t look back! I know, easier said than done.

    • Hi Cheryl, as I usually do when guys who hurt my feelings are involved, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. I’ve tried to convince myself that he was full of shit from the beginning, but it just doesn’t stick. I will move on and only look back occasionally 😉

  5. sillyg Says:

    Well this is not going how I hoped…

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