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2 Used To Be My Lucky Number August 7, 2014

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I think I need to revise my statement that ‘I’m a great date’. Or at least put a disclaimer of sorts. I am a great date. Most of my dates tell me so. I’m easy to talk to. Not too shabby to look at (even with my hideous post knee disaster extra poundage). I’m smart. And I’m funny. Who doesn’t love to laugh? So while all of these statements are apparently true, they only seem to hold true through date #2. That seems to be my sticking point.

The Unicorn opted out after our 2nd ‘official’ date. Even with all of our dozens of phone conversations and hundreds of e-mails. He just up and disappeared.

Seems as if my new(ish) interest (he hasn’t even earned a blog name yet) is fading away as well. We had a great 1st date. A great, although short, 2nd date. He was all about scheduling in a 2nd date before he left town. He sent me lots of great pictures and intermittent text messages while he was away for 10 days. He was in and out of cel range, so no worries there. He’s been back since Sunday. He’s been sick since Sunday. He doesn’t like being ‘helped’ when he’s sick. I know he’s probably swamped with work and trying to recover, but it seems as if I’m fading into either oblivion or the dreaded ‘friend zone’. No flirty texts. No mention of future dates or that he even wishes he could see me.

Am I too sensitive and over thinking things? Uhm, absolutely. Have we not met? I’ve been the one to initiate text ‘conversations’ (I don’t think he likes to talk on the phone) since he’s been home and although he absolutely engages and we can text about anything for hours off and on, I miss my ‘good morning sunshine’ texts. 😦

Not sure where, if anywhere, this one is going. It’s new, he’s sick, he’s working, he was out of town. It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve seen him and yes, in the grand scheme of things, that’s not all that bad. It just seems longer. I do better with ‘future’ plans I guess.

I think I need to figure out why this keeps happening though. My last few dates have all told me how easy I am to talk to. How fun I am. How much they like me. How they think I’m pretty (ha). I seem to have issues securing 3rd dates though. Boo.

I will leave it to him to contact me next. Maybe he will. Maybe he won’t. I hope he does. I’d like to know more about him. He’s kinda fascinating….. yet still blog nameless……huh.


2 Responses to “2 Used To Be My Lucky Number”

  1. Matthew Says:

    How badly was he sick? If it’s something that he surely would have recovered from by now, I’d say there’s no shame in trying to initiate another face-to-face meeting sooner than later. Maybe you just need that actual human interaction to restart that fire from your first date.

    Is there anything going on this weekend that you could invite him out to? Any places where there’s live music? Then you could just say something like, “I’m thinking about going out for a drink and some jazz tonight, want to join me?” This way it gives him the impression that you’re pretty much going out regardless and just asking if he wants to join in.

    If he declines, hopefully he’ll suggest another time for something. If he doesn’t…then sadly I say cut him loose.

    • Pretty sure it’s not malaria 😉 but just a bad cold….weird thing is that when he got back, he asked me when I was leaving town ( birthday weekend trip in the works), so I just assumed ( yes, I’m well aware of what they say about assuming) he was making sure he’d get to see me before I go, but then nothing…..boo. I don’t really feel like ‘driving the bus’ on this one. Makes me feel like a loser (more so than usual)….pretty sure he knows I’m interested. Its sort of a shame as I feel we’re losing momentum:(

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